Can You Acesss Shared Files With From Windows To Linux With Having A Password Promt

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I currently have my server pc running windows but would like to use ubuntu. Only thing stopping me is that whenver I want to access a shared file (I use networked drives), it asks for a user name and password. How can I turn that option off.

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So long as you have the same user name on your linux box and windows box, you can get around this. You also need to leave your samba password blank

from your linux box just type

smbpasswd -a user_name

When it prompt you for a password just hit return(leaves it blank)

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but can you get it not to promt at all?

If the username and password are the same on both machines, I don't think it'll prompt. At least, I don't remember being prompted.

[Edit: Erk. That's with a Linux server and Windows client. I've never tried the reverse.]

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but can you get it not to promt at all?

it won't prompt you at all. I was just showing you how to set an empty password. Once that is done, you will not be prompted again(assuming you don't have a windows password set) If you use a windows password, you could probably just set it with the smbpasswd command I showed you above to match it. I have never tried it.

This method above is for logging into a Linux samba server from a Windows Client.

If you want to log into a Windows server from a Linux client, you can just save the username and password in your fstab file like this

//ntserver/docs  /mnt/samba  smbfs  username=docsadm,password=D1Y4x9sw  0  0

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