Nvidia Geforce 8800 Gts Oc

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This is a BFG Tech (NVIDIA) GeForce 8800 GTS OverClocked edition. Specifications as follows:

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS

Bus Type: PC Express

Memory: 320MB GDDR3

Core Clock: 550MHz (vs. 500MHz standard)

Shader Clock: 1300MHz (vs. 1200MHz standard)

Memory Clock: 1600MHz

Stream Processors: 96

Texture Fill Rate: 26.4 billion/sec.

Memory Bandwidth: 64GB/sec.

Shader Model: 4.0

API Support: Microsoft DirectX 10 and lower. OpenGL 2.0 and lower for Microsoft Windows

Connectors: 2 Dual-Link DVI, HDTV + TV Out

RAMDACs: Dual 400MHz

HDCP Enabled: Yes

This is a brand new box! Included in box as follows:

> BFG NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS OC 320MB graphics card

> Quick install guide

> Two DVI to VGA adapters

> Dual 4-pin Molex to single 6-pin PCI Express power adapter

> HDTV dongle

> Driver CD, which includes

- NVIDIA Forceware unified graphics driver

- Full installation manual .pdf

> Free BFG extra

- BFG t-shirt

- BFG custom fan stickers

Please note, this is a 16x PCI-Express card. It will only fit certain video slots. Please contact me if you are unsure. This card is brand new in package, nothing has been removed. 24/7 Free tech support & lifetime warranty included.

This card is over $300 brand new. All I am asking is $275 plus shipping.

Here it is on NewEgg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...CMP=OTC-Froogle

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Geez Ducky...that is the exact card I've been trying to get HP to send me to replace the underpowered Intel 945G chipset onboard graphics in my machine. This 945g was poorly engineered as the graphics solution for a Media Center TV machine and I've received well over 1000 errors in 3 months concerning how it's being "Overutilized" while it's basically doing nothing but TV on a 20" PC monitor, an open web browser and email client...thats "Overutlized"??

I've actually raised quite a stink at HP and have been in contact with the CEO of Support Relations, and all my tests and errors proving my point have been sent to the R&D team for analysis....but I still haven't heard anything back on my proposal for fixing this thing.

I offered to pay $150 of the cost of an Nvidia 8800 GTS PCI-E card to replace the failing graphics in here, they ship, I'll install, but the last contact was kinda round-about on that issue. If they don't send it, I'll be getting one anyway...sooooo.....

I take it that's $275 USD?

I'm gonna PM you with an offer I think.

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