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i loaded xppro 64bit on to a friends compt

and i got avast foxit. spyware. blaster

regclean. installed

but when i tried to load ad-aware

it wouldnt load i tried 5-6 times but the message was

ad-aware coudnt recognise the c:\64 bit sys

is there some way round this


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thanks mike

what ever the reason i havent a clue

but it is loading from your link

and i havent got the error message

buggered if i know what was wrong

for my freind it dosent make any

difference to him he is compt illiterate

but im trying to put all the safety devices

on it for him

he is a race horse owner

and needs a compt for his breeding records

one question

will foxit do the same features as adobe

as he needs areader

i use foxit my self

but he may need a program like

adobe or microsoftword

i was thinking foxit is free

and you have to pay for the others



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