Oh My Lord, The Dancing

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Ok as ya'll know, I'm anime freak (I mean just look under my avatar). Well I was running through some videos of one of my favorite series and found this. It's the Full Dance Version of the ending theme. I think it's kinda funny. I find the guys dancing hilarious. Particularly the guy on the left who has the straight "someone kill me now" face.

But that's not why I'm making this post. I want you to watch that one first then watch this next one. Some guys put on masks and did the dance in its entirety.

Oh my god, I lose it every time I watch this.

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Probably...No wait...Without A Doubt, the absolute STOOPIDUST dance I ever seen in my LIFE!!!

But I have to admit...the guys (or girls, hard to tell) doing the dance for real?..They're pretty damn good!!

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Probably...No wait...Without A Doubt, the absolute STOOPIDUST dance I ever seen in my LIFE!!! ...

Hard to believe, but you must not have seen ... The Macarena. :rolleyes:

Yeah Really. Actually The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi (name of the series) is ridiculously popular over in Japan (and it was only 14 eps but there is a rumored second season either this fall or next spring). There are videos of people doing this dance in very VERY large numbers IN THE STREETS. I mean in excess of 50 people doing this dance all at once in the middle of the street.

These three guys (I'm pretty sure they are guys) are by far the best at it cause they nail every move. Plus the monster masks and the retarded dancing are just hilarious.

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I gotta agree snyper...I just don't understand this whole Anime fad myself. It's basically cartoons isn't it, except they make the girls look like...ummm...Girls, but it's still just animation...

I think they're guy's too Honda Boy, and I'll admit that they are good dancers, probably professional or semi-pro I would say from the quality of their movements.

And JDoors...Yes, I've seen the (Blarfff) Macarena in all it's ridiculous splendor, and the "Bird Dance" and any form of "Line Dancing", and even Disco..which I have to admit to doing myself once or twice..(but only cause ALL the girls were on the dance floor), and I just may still stand by my first comment (maybe).


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I side with Chappy. I got a son-in-law that goes nuts over .. uhh... funny looking cartoons? Of course, I was into stuff in my younger days where my dad would sit back and say What the Hell...You enjoy it, that's what counts


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... I just don't understand this whole Anime fad myself. It's basically cartoons isn't it, except they make the girls look like...ummm...Girls, but it's still just animation ...

I have seen movies that were incredible; unbelievable animation, deep storylines, you can do amazing things with animated characters and scenery that just wouldn't be the same with live action.

However ...

One, most of it is based or relies on Japanese cultural references; A monster made of worms, swords, martial arts, cartoon sex, anti-capitalist, anti-American, anti-war stories ad nauseum, etc. Two, since most are created in Japan they're either sub-titled or dubbed, almost always poorly. The Japanese to English translations lose a lot of the origninal meaning, and if it's dubbed the conversation winds up beingwaytoofast, it doesn't sound realistic.

Two movies were recommended to me as being "the two best," one was AMAZING, the other "I get it," but it had several of the problems I mentioned. I've since seen maybe three others that were able to overcome what I consider to be flaws in Japanese anime and were simply astounding.

If I had to recommend one to try, it'd easily be Howl's Moving Castle (rent it, rent it, RENT IT!). Whoa. Animation, story, voicework, all excellent (though anime snobs have their nits to pick with that one, I'd say their snootiness is a recommendation FOR the movie, if THEY hate it, it's worth checking out for the rest of us).

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Animes have incredible storylines and what not that make them great. Personally I think the detail that goes into the characters and the environments is incredible in newer animes. Elfen Lied is praised as having some of the richest and most beautiful backgrounds in anime plus it is praised for it's deep moving storyline and incredible amount of violence. Kanon (I've only seen the 2006 Kyoto animation version all the way. I saw part of the 2002 Toei Animation version) and Air (both are games by Key turned anime by Kyoto Animation) have deep moving storylines that easily outdo most american movies. Once you learn some Japanese things this crap ain't hard to pick up.

Many fansubbers for unlicensed anime will put in translator notes to give the Western viewer knowledge of what's going on. One I'm watching right now, Lucky Star (another Kyoto Animation great just like Kanon, Air, and The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi), parodies and references other animes and Visual Novel games (it's a comedy) but many would be missed. The transloator will add notes to clue you in on some of these things. One reference though you had to be livin under a rock to miss. They parodied Initial D by havin one character snap behind the wheel when someone passed her on the street. They switched the animation style and started 3D animating the car and had her drifting down a mountain pass and had people on the side of the road talking about her driving. Since I am an avid Initial D fan, I was laughing my butt off when this happened.

Most American cartoons are borderline retarded while most anime have storylines and are better in my opinion than most live action american dramas. Kanon, Air, Elfen Lied, sola, Onegai Teacher, and some others have almost moved me to tears but I am too macho so I didn't cry. (Pretty much only the death of a loved one will make me cry). Others such as Excel Saga, Desert Punk (Sunabozu), Lucky Star, Busou Renkin, and many MANY others have made me laugh harder than most American cartoons (but not harder than Chris Farley movies :P ). The action in many is great such as Busou Renkin, Darker Than Black, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Gundam Wing (or any other Gundam series for that matter), and many others. Many animes have stories that make you wanna see the next episode so bad when one ends cause you wanna know what happens next. Many series though great, and you were happy watching them, will leave you sad when the series ends cause you wanna see more of it. I have felt that way with many. There are even a few mystery series that have you thinkin about what's goin on just like when you watch CSI or something. Only they mess with you and stretch it out over multiple episodes. Some great Mysteries are Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (It's being released as When They Cry in the states), and Ghost Hunt. There are even adventure/drama series that have you following the exploits of the main characters and have you solving the mysteries of what's going on and the the mysteries of the people's past as well such as El Cazador de la Bruja, Darker Than Black, and many others.

Anime in general is just like what much of our live action stuff is over here only they take their imaginations much further. If ya'll ever take the notion too, visit Fansub TV (www.fansub.tv), find a Genre you like, pick an anime that may seem interesting by it's description and download a few eps and watch them. I originally thought the same as ya'll. I thought anime wasn't anything special and only watched it every once in a while then someone got me started on fansubs. After discovering anime int he original Japanese was way better and that I had acces to hundreds of series for free fansubbed, I got hooked. I even started buying DVD's and watching them. I now have over 80 fansubbed series on my PC (not all are complete, some are still going), and more than 10 on DVD (that's about 56 or more DVD's).

I can't exactly explain it the way I really want to (cause I don't know how I really want to to be honest) but anime is just entertaining and very fun for me to watch just like Heroes and Lost is fun for my parents to watch (A lot of animes have stories that or on par or better than these).

Woo, ok I think I got that outta my system. Sorry for the long post but I love anime and I just felt I had to write this. There is a whole thread on the Anime Suki Forums about why we watch anime. If you can find it (I think it's in the general anime section) there are some more explanations of why people watch anime.

*Edit, spelling owns me.

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Oh for anyone who wants it. Here's my list of anime that I have seen. I post this up every once in a while in the anime thread on Honda-Tech. People like to run through it to get ideas on what to watch. I also occasionally write mini-reviews on current series. I did this a coupla weeks ago on Honda-Tech and many people thanked me cause those reviews gave them a good idea of what was currently airing in Japan and being released fansubbed. I explained the basic premise of each series and gave my opinion on the series. None were bad that I put up. I said just one was OK and not to bother with another (cause only 3 eps got subbed and it was aimed more towards a younger audience anyway).

For anyone that might be interested, this list is of mostly stuff I liked and the vast majority of it can be found on Wikipedia so you can look them up and see what they are about.


* I just realized that some of the names might raise an eyebrow as to why I watched them. Ask me about a series and I'll explain it to you.

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Animes have incredible storylines and what not that make them great. ...

Most American cartoons are borderline retarded ...

I've seen enough to know that "animes have incredible storylines" is FAR too general a statement. I don't like it when someone belittles something by trivializing it (for example, there's a youtube vid that makes fun of techno music by saying "add this, that and that, and you have a techno song," obviously there more to it than that), so I won't do that for anime (even though I could), but many of them seem to have the SAME stories (interesting or not). I'll try yet another one and "Seen it" comes to mind all too often.

As for American cartoons being borderline retarded, consider the intended audience. :rolleyes:

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