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Worked on my truck this morning (see my post about Reformulated Gas) , had to stop half way through to let a line of thunderstorms pass. Then was chomping at the bit for the darn rain to let up so I could finish working on it and get out of there.

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Been rainin' off and on for a while, so I'd mow 1/2 & get sprinkled on, have to wait a couple of days, then mowed the rest. Same with fertilizing, 1/2 one day, the other half a few days later (today).

I have a Scott's drop spreader I bought way back when and no bag of fertilizer has this model listed any more, so I have to "guess" at the correct setting. I'm never right. I've tried keeping track, taking a snippet of the bag & writing on it what setting I used and what setting might work better next time. But then a year goes by and when it's time to do that particular fertilizing regime again I wind up buying whatever's on sale, and it's not the one I took notes on last year.

Some day! Some day I'll have bought every brand available and will have taken notes on them all, and I'll get the right setting! No more running out before I'm done or having to do the lawn twice because I had too much left over. :wacko:

Also filled the crack in the driveway even though it's not supposed to be as hot as I'd have liked before doing it, but I got rambunctious. Hmm, the crack must be expanding, last time it "just" took a half-gallon of filler, this year the half-gallon didn't quite do the job as well as I'd have liked.

Anybody wanna buy me a new driveway? :unsure:

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