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... Low blow................ from wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professional_wrestling_attacks :

Low blow

A direct shot to the groin of an opponent;[1] otherwise known as a groin attack or referred to in slang terms as an Irish Curse. It is an offense punishable by disqualification. This illegal attack is mainly used by heel wrestlers or valets to gain the upper hand on their male opponents. Although kicking an opponent in the groin is the most obvious method, the most popular version sees an attacking wrestler drop to their knees and raise their arm up between the opponent's legs, striking the groin with the inside of their elbow-joint. Often wrestlers will perform the strike while the referee is in some way distracted in what is known as a "cheap shot".

Despite hitting the groin, the inverted atomic drop known also as Manhattan Drop is not considered a low blow. This is because it involves dropping the opponent so that their groin hits the wrestler's knee, rather than raising a knee to hit the opponent's groin. In the same fashion, if a wrestler is lifted so that they fall and straddle an object it is frowned upon but not deemed illegal. Another non-illegal method is to take the feet away from under an opponent while they are standing on the top rope so they drop and straddle the rope/corner turnbuckle.

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