Linux + Vista + Xp : Dualboot Scenario Guides

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Hi Falcon1986

Ya, Vista is a real Monster when it comes to setting up a Dual or Triple boot situation now.

The fact that boot.ini is no more and Vista uses the BCD instead makes dual booting a nightmare compared to how simple it used to be.

I've been working a bit (very little so far) on an article to try and explain this to our members but it's difficult. That article you linked looks well researched and concise and I'm glad it has Linux boot flavors as well.

If you want to put something together for us here from what you can gather from that and other articles on this, we'd be more than glad to look at it for a tutorial. If this link is all you want to do tho, that's great also and I'll continue working on one in between all my other stuff to do... ;)

Either way, we'll get something on this together someday and post it for our members. We're working on a seperate Vista section I think, because it's so damn different, it needs it's own section.

Thx for the Link!

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