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Great news, Handplane!

Oh, someone else had this procedure done who has young Granddaughters. He had to get what he called "bulletproof undies" to wear when he played with the Grandkids. For some reason that I don't remember, the seeds are "bad" for young girls to be around. Has you Doc mentioned anything about that?

Now, you take care of yourself!


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A welcome surprise, seeing you back online so fast, but sure glad to hear you are back home and recovering. How long do you have to have the 'seed implants'? Or are they permanent? If so it could put a damper on any future plane travel, or at least they might set off the airport security systems, same thing with security screening in federal and other buildings though it would be interesting to see if any of the scanners detect a 'little' extra radiation! :rolleyes:

We will continue our prayers for a complete healing for you.

Take care my friend.


God bless everyone

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