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Have any of you heard of, or tried True Sword 4 by Security Stronghold? It is a anti-spyware scanner. It is supposed to be able to find and remove more than 180 000 types of spyware, adware, trojans and other kinds of


I was just wondering. I am now trying it out, as they sent me an e-mail. And a complete version to try. They would like me to add it to my site. You can see it here at True Sword 4 Website

I would hate to add something that may or may not be a good product. So I am looking for some feed-back on this product.

I thank you for anything you have to say on this.

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Older versions were flagged as rogue, do to false positives. It appears they have cleaned up the program, it is no longer listed as rogue. I wonder how well it actually gets bad stuff?

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I used True Sword for a while and I can remember it saved my computer several times - when I had some nasty desktop trojan and with some CoolWebSearch-like program. So I personally do recommend this.

Very good anti spyware for a reasonable price.

Though some of you may want to go and search for some free solutions :-)

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NOOO!! DON'T BUY IT! It SUCKS! It takes 40 minutes to scan, the program is a joke, it finds nothing except for the very first free scan they give you (but to remove most of the items you must purchase the product). I think it's fake though, because once you pay and scan again, there's nothing anymore. When I scanned with another program, it said True Sword mad a medium risk threat, and Symantec actually lists it as a rogue program.

It's pretty obvious because the program doesn't even update - they add nothing to its database. I try to update it daily but there is only one update about every other week. What program is that lazy that they don't even add anything? Biggest waste of $40 I ever spent! They ignored me too, when I requested a refund due to their 60 day satisfaction guarantee to a full refund if the program doesn't do its job. Well, I got nothing and then that 60 day period was up. I contacted to report them and they're in Russia?!??! Wave goodbye to my money.

A-Squared by EMSI is a great program though

It includes Hijack This, updates multiple times a day every single time a new chunk of threats are detected and added to the database, and it includes a free 30 day trial of its full program.

Spyware Doctor is great too. You can get a free version if you download the Google Pack. Before that came out though, I paid about $30 for it.

The 2 programs above were what made me realize True Sword found nothing. It wasn't because my comp had no infections, it was because True Sword has nothing in their database whatsoever.

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Hey, xNewbiEx, it seems that you are promoting A-Squared, right? And you are affiliate of them?

Mastak simply shared his own opinion based on his experience, and you attacked him and others in this topic with your advertising. I don't believe you are really a customer of True Sword. I don't even believe that you run it a single time, because you don't know the simpliest things. True Sword, unlike your words, has fully functional 30 days trial.

How could you test it if you even don't know this simple fact?

Don't blame on the good program. True Sword is a great tool. By the way, unlike you, I can tell you that A-Sqared and Spyware Doctor are good tools as well. This world can manage more that one good tool, really :-)

By the way, what's wrong with Russia? Kaspersky is a great antivirus from Russia. Dr. Web is a great antivirus from Russia. True Sword is a great anti-spyware from Russia. xNewbiEx, are you xenophobic?

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Older versions were flagged as rogue, do to apocryphal positives. It appears they accept bankrupt up the program, it is no best listed as rogue. I admiration how able-bodied it in fact gets bad stuff?

It's appealing accessible because the affairs doesn't even amend - they add annihilation to its database. I try to amend it circadian but there is alone one amend about every added week. What affairs is that apathetic that they don't even add anything? Biggest decay of $40 I anytime spent



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Well, I would never trust the advice of newbies who sign up just to promote a product which has in the past been flagged as a rogue by two of the great names in the fight against viruses and malware.

Is it still bad? Who knows; but I definitely would not advise wasting money on it. If they have reformed they owe it to the community to provide a free version which is fully functional and does not just prompt you to buy the full version as do a great many reputable firms emisoft (a squared) included.

Security Stronghold Company

69-16/1, 28 Army Street

Astrakhan, Russian Federation


(They do have a US office)

Nothing against the Russians, I love BitDefender (they too offer a free version which is unbeatable)

A security company which also sells registry cleaners.

Sure, I know there are others (like Mcafee) but this is part of a history of having full "utility" suites and buying up smaller companies. But this is the first thing they try to foist on you when you visit their site; a registry cleaner.

This company has four products, three security and one registry cleaner.

More important than what they have in their database is what they are missing

None of the rogue "antispyware 200x" products.

(well they do have winantispyware 2007 - and 2005 and 2006 an older threat)

No virut detection?

Lets have a competition for the malware team. See how many of the threats you run into that they do not list

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I guess, it's my turn to take the speech. I've bought True Sword about a month and a half ago. I had some problems with keys but support responded promptly and I had True Sword fully operating in less like 6 hours. I suppose it to be a good response speed. I had a really slow computer. And after scanning it deleted like 60 viruses on it. Amazing! I've never thought my PC was that infected! Now it works stable and I have no problems with viruses. They also keep sending email about True Sword updates. I guess, it would be nice if True Sword had some active protection. But it doesn't mean that you need to fear the program. Very nice thing!

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