Sending Mail To "undisclosed Recipients"

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If you ever want to send an email to a list of people without EVERYONE in the world seeing who you send it to, consider making a "undisclosed recipients" list - The link below shows you how, and works on any system.

Cyberwalker - This is a good tutorial for this

Basically, you create a contact for "Undisclosed recipient" in your email contacts, and for the address you place YOUR address there.

Then you save the contact and select the Undisclosed recipients contact from your contact list.

Next, enable the abilility to see your Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) field.

Finally, place all your addresses separated by semicolons in the BCC field - Because the headers WILL NOT show any BCC entries, NO ONE other then the sender can see who he/she sent it to. Recipients see the address <[email protected]> on the From and To Lines.

Just fire it off, and she will work well


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Some Email programs allow you to do this without

having to jump thru all those hoops.

I use Eudora Pro (4.2) and I can put a group

together in my address book and then

reference that group in the "To" field and

when it is sent, everybody just sees the

group name and NOT the list of all the addresses.

Your points are good and so is your advise


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  • 1 month later...

I also use Eudora!

Best darn Mail client ever produced IMHO.

I despise getting those long listed, forwarded emails with all the addy's right out there for all the spambots to pick up...grrr.

I usually try to reply to the senders and explain to them the Wonders of BCC and why folks like us HATE getting those 2000 visible recipient ones.

Yep, good advice Brian!

I think we may need a little reorganize around here to have a Tips & Tricks section for things like this that don't really fit as a "Tutorial" as such, but are still worthy tips.

We'll see what happens soon.

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