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I may have to hit you up for some anime ones. I use anime sigs and avatars on Automotive forums yet I use car ones for anime and tech forums. Well for tech forums at least. I've only posted once in an anime one. I do all my anime talking at Honda-Tech forums believe it or not. (We even started our own little group on there called the Otaku Squad :lol: ) Too bad they don't allow pics in sigs I'd totally ask you to make a me a cool one for that.

Hmmmmmm............... HEY, can you make me a really good sig using Shion from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni using the name Techy. That's my automotive forum name. I could use a new one for I've been using the same sig since the site opened.

I already have a simple one someone made for me. I found the pic and he added my name in for me

Here it is


*Whoops shoulda posted the original in case you wanted to take a whack at it with it.


If you can find one of her in her psychotic states were she looks particularly evil that'd be nice. Either that or could you make me a cool Initial D, Elfen Lied, Gundam (I LOVE Gundam), Desert Punk, or any others you might think are cool. I love anime in general and watch fansubs all the time and I own about *ahem* $600 *ahem* worth of DVD's so anything would be great.

Thanks buddy.

P.S. sorry if this sounds like a lot but I'm only asking for you to make one. I don't wanna bother you. People know me on TennSpeed cause of the Shion sig and avatar. Her hair matches my car. Again thanks.

** Here's another character form Higurashi if you'd like to work with a different one.


Rena is her name. Don't she look friendly?

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