Tictoc5150looking For Mutitrack Recoding For Linux

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Ardour ---- is a digital audio workstation. You can use it to record, edit and mix multi-track audio. Produce your own CD's. Mix video soundtracks. Experiment with new ideas about music and sound. Generate sound installations for 12 speaker gallery shows. Have Fun. http://ardour.org/

This in is for tictoc5150 , I have been looking for this also as I have 2 adat hd24 trackrecoders and I need a mixdow base.

http://www.skale.org/ another linux muti-track audio program.

both of the above run on winders and linux with the first also being ported to Mac.

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hey, thanks iccaros!

now the trick would be getting it to install...lol

It seems to need GTK+, when I try to install that, GTK+ needs something.....I haven't given up and like what I see for screenshots of it, so I'll get this to work or die tryin' :)

thanks again,


OMG, I owe you a big apology...I just noticed in this post that I typo'd your S/N and fixed it, then wondered if I did it to your bootsplash too, sure enough, I put Icarros...really wish you would've said something..if you want me to make you another, I'll try to get right on it, for being such a tool...sorry, T.

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if you are running mandrake the ardour site talks about a site with the rpms I could not get the source code to compile on my system. but I run gentoo so I just added hte package to my package.keywords. for the naem in portage and emerged ardour. It needs jack with is a sound server made for audio recodring. so before you can start the program you have to run jackd -d alsa then start the program.

as for the other it comes with a binnary that gentoo can not run. (or my kernel can't run).

but chech out the boards.. people running mandrake and suse have said it runs by adding some directorys. I can make it run under wine.. I just have to change my screen resolution first to 800x600 or else it messes up my screen.

bu tunder wine skale runs like a charm and is useable so if the linux version will not work try that.

I'm going to go back and try N-track (what I used to use under winders after I dumped cakewalk) in wine..

if you what to here soem of the stuff I did on N-track adn my Adats go to www.chemicalcomfort.com its me old band (disbanded 3 months ago) you can even see my ugly face..

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hey icarros,

thanks for pointing out the rpms, I actually got it to install after installing 3 other rpms, 1 at a time upon request of Ardour when trying each subsequent install.

imagine my surprise when it finally installed, I did a jackd -d alsa, and it seemed to work..then I tried creating a new project using default templates...ERROR:cannot create pixmaps from template (or something like that)....I got it to open not using a template and just creating the tracks. so, just as a test I tried saving a little riff and it wouldn't save as anything.

Now, new problem, I try doing jackd -d alsa and get this:

loading driver ..

creating alsa driver ... hw:0|hw:0|1024|2|48000|0|0|nomon|swmeter|-|32bit

ALSA lib pcm_hw.c:1155:(snd_pcm_hw_open) open /dev/snd/pcmC0D0c failed: Device or resource busy

the capture device "hw:0" is already in use. Please stop the application using it and run JACK again

cannot load driver module alsa

not sure where to go with that, since nothing is running that I know of and obviously Ardour won't even open without it.

any ideas?

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I got it to compile after I was told that the user addition on a harddrive partition is hte same as noexec so I had to add exec to my fstab.

as for you rproblem , I don't know why it will not open I imported all my adat HD24 wav files. and started mixing.. I need some plugins. I need a compresser at least. I can't figure out hwo to adjust effect yet but have only spen 5 min on it.

your jackd problem I had but a pkill jackd fixed it. I think a script to start jackd then ardour then kill jackd after ardour is done woudl be best and I'll post it after I write it.

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