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I don't do that crap with music. I download fansubbed anime that hasn't been licensed in the US though. I'm addicted to it. MP3's? pssssch. Forget that. CAn't no one get me for that. Heck I can even download licensed stuff if I wanted too but I'd rather buy the DVD's to support the company putting it out. I'm bout to start downloading some licensed stuff cause it's taking to long for them to get the DVD's out. I need a life. :mellow:

That would be cool if my college had a music sharing network but it's a community college and 5 bucks says it wouldn't have what I wanted anyway. I have a tad bit strange taste in music when compared to the average college student. So I'm content with going to Sound Shop and have them order my CD's cause even they don't carry my stuff. :P

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HAHA!! I jsut noticed that UT Knoxville was on that list. That's funny. A little more than 6 years ago, my brother was there livin in the dorms. So take Napster in it's free music sharing prime and mix in a T1 internet connection and a college student with a love for music. HA. He came home with more than 300 songs in a semester and that was a big deal 6 years ago.

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