How To Shower Like A Woman And A Man

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taking extremely long time to load, but i got nothing better to do, ill just wait on it.................

Oddessy loads stuff like that in seconds - I guess that I do some of that stuff that is shown in the video, but I would NOT "flash" anyone and make "woo woo" souinds at the wife. I also don't make shampoo mohawks, or leave garbage all over the shower. If I have to get out of the shower, I would close the curtain, and make sure that the curtain is all pointing in the direction of the drain, because if I don't, I have a floor full of water, because the overflow drain doesn't seem to pick it up too fast.

Over the years of being single, I have learned that if I leave a bunch of clothes in a pile anywhere, that I have to pick them up - if I take off clothes in the bathroom, I can then easily put them in the hamper - I am a firm believer of the phrase "your mother doesn't work here" so I have to keep the place picked up and clean as I can, so that its not hard for the support person that helps me clean things like floors and the bathroom - it would take me 3 hours to do just the floors and my knees would kill me hehehehe.


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