..anyone Got A Socket 478

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I want to buy a socket 478 Motherboard/CPU for cheap, we're talking under $45 shipped.

Payment will be sent via paypal.

Btw, I'm living in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Sorry if this does not belong here, but I just really need a socket 478 motherboard/cpu.

If you have any other sockets, (socket A)...and want to get rid of of that too, then post here too!

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$45 shipped for a socket 478 motherboard AND CPU? I might could get you something but for that price I couldn't guarantee it being operational, or even in one piece :rolleyes:

What is it needed for?

Ill check at work for you tomorow. There may be something in their graveyard.

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Hi Martint

It looks like you found what you were looking for so I'm going to close this thread as Completed.

If you're still looking for possibly more of this item, just PM me and we'll reopen this for you, but as of now this one looks like it's done.

Thx for using the Besttechie Garage Sale!

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