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hi all

me and three friends are discussiing

on time differences around the world

one of them has been to boston

and he saya we are eight hrs ahead

in time i thought we were

a day ahead

here it is thursday 2:07pm in the afternoon

if any one lives in boston

can you please tell me the time now


i win a dozen of bottles of beer

if im right

tho i dont drink the styff

very likely ile have to shout for them [treat them to a drink]



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hi all looks as tho i win my bet

jeez you guys are marvelous

i got all those answers

and i must show my friends we have a get together

every 2 weeks

and talk about compts and girls

the time factor Q came up because one off our

guys went to boston

two years ago

and he said he rang his girlfriend

and said he would be home on a certain date

and time but forgot the time difference

and arrive later than he suggested to her

she waited at the air port but he

didnt arrive at the time specified

and it started a discussion

between here in christhurch and boston

i suggested 12 hrs

but i was only guessing

he said 8 hrs

i said i know how i can get proof

post to this board

and sure enough you guys were right on the ball

i loveyaall as i won 12 bottles of beer

and the cunning buggers knew i didnt drink

so they get to drink it

while i look on

that time factor is quite interesting

once you read those links

again love ya all




by the way his girl friend thought he was jiving her

and got the huffs

but your posts

proved it was the time factor

now they are cuddley again

luckly bugger

he was playing in a band in boston

for 4 months

his band singer was american from boston

she jacked up the gigs for them

i posted about it last year .

thanks again


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Marty I thought you told me once your son was in Boston (for a band or something)?

I remember telling you I lived an hour north.

yes mike he was with the same group

and the gig lasted six months

at a place called the i think iwas called the trocadero

not sure if that is the spelling

the group split up once they came home

he lives in a different city from me

and i dont get to see him much

he was the drummer in the band

funny thing he started out as an apperentice hair dresser

but gave it up when all his mates said

all hair dressers are poof [gay]

but took on drumming

and he must know what he is doing as he is never out of work

and works 3-4 night a a week

he has a young family so he needs the work

back to this time thing sidney

australia is 2hrs away by air

but 2 hrs behind nz

in time

dont ask me how to equate that i havent a clue

but the northen tip of oz is 6hrs behind


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