Happy Birthday Sultan!

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Happy Birthday, Sultan!! Have a wonderful day!! Seeing as it's your first birthday, I'm not putting candles out but putting the cake in front of you so you can dig your fingers into the frosting. It's tradition!! :)


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Happy Birthday Sultan! I remember when I was back on the G4 boards, you were one of my fave people.

hi potato

at techtv c.f.h

he was known as SULTAN EMIRR

but when he came to g4 he changed it to emerr

when i saw his first post at BT

i Q him about the name looking familiar

and he said im still the same person

him and i have been friends for a long time

so i wish him a happy day


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:D Thank you very much, my friends. I appreciate the thoughts. :thumbsup:


Think Nothing of it my friend: Thats what friends are for :thumbsup:


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Happy Belated Birthday Sultan!!!

May you be blessed with a long life filled with good health, happiness, and prosperity.

Sorry this is so late my friend. I just have to figure out a better schedule setup so I can get over here more often and not miss important stuff like your birthday!!! Please forgive me for being so late?


God bless everyone

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