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2. there wasnt one but i found it and in and installed it but it still has no effect my computer still says that there is an error

you found what? Did it say something like "nvidia 5500" under display driver

I would try one more time to make sure they are fully uninstalled, then try one last time to reinstall them.

This guide will walk you through it

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try uninstalling your video card

shut your compt down with out rebooting

once it ahs closed turn of you power uint

take out your display adapter from the compt

reboot whith out it

shut it down then reseat you display card

then reboot

if you reboot after uninstalling your adapter

it will find that same driver

so you need to uninstall it and do as ive posted here

good luck


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K well i did what u said marty and it did not work i dont know what to do. Well thanks for all of your help and i guess i will have to buy a new graphics card or something.

How long has it been since you reloaded your system. If that is an option, i would try that before buying the new card.

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yes the card may be corrupted

and as shanenin has stated may be an rewel of your sys may

recognise the card and install the proper software

did this compt have a hi-jack or a virus

in stalled in the sys


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This is just something to keep in mind, do not even pay attention to this post until all the experts don't know what to do

When all else fails, reformat.

That is good advice. I would say their is a fair chance the card is bad, but until it is used on a clean install, you can't say for sure. Professionals reload as a way of fixing things all the time, it just works. Plus the computer will always run better afterwards.

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