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Yesterday, when I was playing the game World of Warcraft my computer kept restarting itself and saying there is an error with my display driver. It says my display driver is not functioning properly and had to automatically restart, or it freezes my comp and I am forced to restart my computer anyways.

(P.S. I was referred by Potato2k4 and he is the coolest guy ever!)

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does it freeze in safe mode

try tapping f8 at boot up

until you get to safe mode

go to safe mode in networking

follow the screens until you come to your desk top

go to device manager

and uninstall your display driver

then reboot

post back and tell us what happens


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hi we realise you are new

ok restart you compt as it is booting

look for the key f8

and tap it until a black screen appears

this will take you to safe modeyou may have to

redo this until the black screen comes up

once your in safe mode scrol up until you come to netwoking in safe mode

press enter

then follow the screens

i think you have to press enter

each screen

when you come to your profile

which should have a pic

click it

and this will take you to your desk top

first while your there

go to

start control panel

system- at sys properties

press advanced

right at the bottom

is an option startup and recovery


press that

open that and a little box

says automatic restarts

uncheck that

then ok then apply

this will stop your compt restarting

while your there

lookon the toolbar and you will see hardware

open that then device manager

go to your display adapter

click to open

and underneath is your video card

first right click

and look for uninstall do that

then ok- apply- then close your compt and reboot

down in the tray will it notify if you if hard ware is found

this will install new drivers

post back

sorry if i have been long winded with my reply but i see you are new

and you need to know where your going


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sorry you may not have need to apply it ffor it to work

ok now your compt shouldnt keep restarting it self

go to control panel

sys -hardware.device manager-

look for display adaptor

click it

this will open your video card

right click it look for uninstall do that then reboot your compt

you may have to do this in safe mode

if your compt freezes in normal mode

try it any- how and post back on your progress


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that notice needs to be turned off

go to start -control panel-sys- hardware on the left is driver signing

open that and check the box ignore

cant remember the rest of the words

uncheck it any way

then go back and install that driver you were going to in the first place


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