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I had a free web page with for at least 6's the one in my profile.

I go in today and try to change stuff and find out it's not free anymore so I had no way to change stuff.

you would think they could have told me that.

well I called support and they said they THINK there was a way to help me.

I said, I don't want no thinking, I want something that works.

anyway I told them to cancel my an email saying they will.

now I need a place that's free where I can put my page. I just need a personal page with no fancy graphics or stuff.

also I need a free program that with let my build a page with WYSIWYG. nothing fancy mind you.

any suggestions????

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I just logged into Google Page Creator through my Gmail account. If you have a Gmail account you could use that to create a web page but it is a PITA. It is like our BT Blogs here. You can upload then drag and drop images where you want them and add links, but it is tedious and slow.

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If you use IE, you can always use office live basics by MS. all free. comes with a very generic wysiwyg editor on the site.

As typical with MS, they require the use of IE and have successfully managed to block all other browsers from being able to access it. You will need to use your MS passport info just like logging into hotmail to use this. if you don't have a passport you can create one.

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