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Ok it has been forever since I touched html but.....heres the thing.

Forum links are on the left and scroll bar is on the right. Could an option be set in the users control panel as to left or right scroll bar. Or left or right justified forum links? May be a windows thing with the scroll bar, google here I come.

Just a thought, as I am bouncing from the left side of the screen to the right and back left....


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I love your idea Mike!!!

I am semi left handed depending on task, so have the mouse set up on left of keyboard, (but I'm not lefty enough to switch the settings in Windows 2000 to completely reverse the right/left click thing). And the scroll wheel on my mouse only works on some websites scroll bar...hence needing to crisscross the screen all the time...grrrr!!!

Why oh why didn't Microsoft itself give us the option of having scroll bar (for some insane reason when I started learning this computer a few years ago I called it the elevator instead of scroll bar and often still do too) on left side of IE window????

Thanks for bringing the subject up Mike.


God bless everyone

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that is valid comment

as a right hander

i think every one is like me

but i forget there are some out there different

and compt are made for roght handed people

my son is alefty

but has adjusted the scrolling lefty wise

this is good comment


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