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Hi Nick

You might want to give it a little more time.....

You've only been with us for a week. I don't

think you can make a judgement like that so


C ya around!


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First of all, welcome to BT's, Nick!

As far as activity goes, I've noticed that it goes in spurts. Sometimes I go here and there's more new posts than I can read in a day and sometimes it's quiet. Guess it depends on the day? I know right now folks are busy with Holiday family activities (my two kids are home from College so I haven't been as active online....either they're hogging the idiot box or I'm cooking for them or cleaning up after them! :D )


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  • 1 year later...

I must agree with everyone posting here: BT's may be small, but the people here are incredible, they are professional, they are committed and they are like family. I came here shortly after the G4 Debackle about Tech Support supposedly "leaving" I am glad that I can share my experiences and a small part of myself with such good people.

Forum size does in some way, make the userbase larger. However, with a larger userbase, you usually have to deal with more headaches. At Besttechie, we have good Staffers, Managers, Moderators and Admins, who have proven themselves worthy. I am sure that there are things Jeff does behind the scenes that we will NEVER see him and others do to make this place better. Users looking for help will search the net, find a forum, and usually post there. With BT's it is more then just logging on and posting - It is like coming to Jeff's "cyberhouse" and talking to friends - I am proud of what Jeff has accomplished - and he will go far :D

Post Counts, as has been stated is only a marker. If you make meaningful, intelligent useful and thought provoking posts, you will earn respect and people get to know your style. If you post junk, you will be known as something less desirable, and people will notice this as well. This is based on what I have learned in my years of posting on Internet Forums.

To get "more people" as you state, you would have to assume that people know of - If you have been in the tech field as long as some of us have, you know that it is ONE of MANY resources out there. Users have choices, and make them based on many factors, which I will not go into, but just to say this: People who surf the web looking for help, listen to BT's streaming Podcasts or Webcasts, or use WyldRyde IRC Network will find Us - Many of us are on other tech sites, and I am currently training as a Malware Removal Specialist - I have learned alot by being here, talking to others, and watching what happens. Remember, that one of the best ways to get people over here would be to share your experiences with BT's, and tell them by word of mouth of how you were helpful to someone or how someone helped YOU - THINK of how that will drive traffic ;)

Oh - almost forgot - If it were NOT for Jeff's show "call for help", I would not have done THIS

Welcome to BT's - It is a pleasure to have you!!


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