Xp Network Card Issues

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My brother in laws desktop is not getting an ip address from the router. I swapped routers, all routers see (port lights up) the desktop. No IP. Router has no access restrictions.

I released renewed, run netsh dump. Configured the nic manually....no ip. Any suggestions, I am looking to replace the nic.


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My first thought is to determine what end the problem is on, the router or computer. Did you try with your laptop(that you know works), to see if you could get an IP from the router?

If you determined the problem is on the computer side, I would try and rule out windows being the problem. Boot the system with knoppix while plugged into the ethernet. If knoppix is able to get an IP(assuming knoppix has the drivers for that nic), you can safely conclude the problem lies within windows(not the nic).

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