Burn Some Mp3 Files To Cd

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OK, here's the deal.

I have some MP3 files that somebody sent me and I

want to share them with somebody that doesn't have

a MP3 player. What I want to do is burn them to a

CD and then give the CD to these people.

This is NOT copyrighted material--these are some

funny audio files that I got from a friend.

I have saved the MP3 files into "my documents\my music" and

there they sit.

Now, how do I get them converted into a format that will

play on an audio CD player and get them burned onto a CD??

I have Nero 5.5, I have Windows Media Player, and I have Deep Burner

on my computer.

No idea which program is best or which program will do this.

I'm sure that it's probably a 'no brainer' but could

somebody please give me some direction??



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if you're using nero, and if you create a new audio cd, dragging and dropping mp3's will automatically convert them to play on a regular cd player, if you want to have just mp3s on the cd, for them to put on a computer or to play in a cd player with mp3 support, burn it as a Data CD.

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most burning programs automatically convert them if you specify to burn an audio CD. When burning an MP3 CD, say like how I do so I can have multiple CD's worth of songs on one MP3 CD to listen to on my MP3 capable car CD Player (so I don't have to change discs), you tell it to burn a Data disc.

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