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hi all take a look at this article

of a james kim who im sure used to work for techtv

presenting new gadgets and show how they work

thats were i saw the ipod in its early stages

read this article

after seeing his pic

im sure it is the same fellow


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hi mark

that is interesting stuff in there robert and patrick

id forpotten about. patrick had just started with leo when we lost the chanel

i know sumi das and beckey worley work for CNN news chanel

sumi is a reporter and becky is a security advisor to the tech staff

i remember she came to g4 and asked some one to

send her a hi-jack so she could learn how to clean it

those were the days before tom coyotes

were you learned hjt

im sure many helped her


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No news yet on James but they found his wife and children alive and well in the car. Apparently he hiked out two days ago looking for help after the car broke down. At least that was what the news reporter on tv said

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A few comments from someone who has done these types of rescues many times.

1. Never leave your vechile if you are stranded.

2. Always have some blankets & some type of food.

3. Carry flash light or type of flare.

4. Shovel or digging device, or hubcap makes a great device for digging. (not equiped on all vechiles)

5. Make sure someone knows your destination & when you are expected.

These are just a few precautions we teach & we print them in papers all over the state of Wyoming.

And most important is talk to your god, he does answer prayers !!

Hope they find him soon !

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