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Hey guys and gals, I have a problem with my 2 younger brothers they don't receive any homework from school so I need a few websites that have homework pages for them to do. So all I have to do is print them and they could finish it and I’ll check it I don't want them falling behind on anything 1 is in grade 1 and the other is in grade 4. They never do anything but play games I can make up homework for them to do but not everyday so please if you guys could help I would be very thankful.

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I will let you be the judge on what ages these fit.

Some games on them too.



Discovery School

Homework Spot

Fact Monster

Enchanted Learning

National Geographic for Kids

MSN Encarta Homework

I think I am running out of room for the first batch of links. Let me know if a link doesn't work.

God bless everyone.

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That sure is nice of you to want to help your little brothers.

Here is the second batch.

Grammar Station

National Wildlife Federation

And this one just because it is winter and snowflakes are fun.


First Gov for kids

White House for kids

Be sure to use .gov on the whitehouse site as the .com one is a bad site I heard.

Santa's Christmas Page

America's Story

And a last one on Mars that is fun.

Explore Mars Mockup

Now you have your homework to do, to see what is right for your brothers. Remember to make learning fun if possible.

God bless everyone.

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You are welcome.

Yep that's me, and my cat ... sidekick. :rolleyes:

I added hitest's site to my favorites. Had it at one time, but lost it somehow. So am glad to find it again.

God bless everyone.

Glad I could help you, thesidekickcat :D

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Very good of you to want to keep them on track. Hope the school is not laxed in the childrens advancement. That is where my concern is. Why no homework?


I would ask the teacher if you have a concern. Good luck with that:-)

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They get homework sometimes but either hide it or say they don't have it, parents are busy so I have to make sure they get it done. I went to the teachers and they say it's like that for everyone. I have no idea why they don't get that much homework I remember when I was their age I had a ton of work each day

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Hey guys,

My yonger brother is 8 and he's now getting huge amounts of homework online. He has practically no time for anything else (especially with those reading tasks). Is there any app/tool for planning/dividing homework into parts for primary students? I mean something simple (an app/program that he can use himself, without my help.

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~ Hi,

It must be really frustrating for him to be so bombarded with extra homework.

Fortunately for him he has a terrific, caring older brother looking out for him! 

My grandson has been using myHomework Student Planner .

He says he likes it and it helps him stay on tract. I'm sure there are many other options out there for your brother, but this one

has our vote for its usefulness and productivity level assist. 

~ Please wish him our best and I hope his workload lets up somewhat - for both your sakes! :)


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