Athlon Xp 2600 Asus Mobo Combo

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I am trying to convince my wife that we should upgrade our computer. To make it sound more palatable I need to sell our old unit. I have the following items, I was hoping to sell them as a pair, but could break them up.

ASUS A7V600-X Socket A (Socket 462) VIA KT600 ATX Mother Board

Athlon XP 2600 barton core processor

This is a full atx motherboard. It does not have onboard video, I could possibly throw in a cheap video card if needed(I think I have one). Let me know if that would make a difference.

It is a great sytstem, but I have the chance to upgrade to an athlon x2 4200(dual core) from a friend who no longer wants it.

I am hoping to get $80 plus shipping for the pair

Approved - Matt

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how much would you want for just the motherboard? I already have an Athlon XP 3000+ 400MHz FSB version laying around and no mobo for it.

and wow Zip Zoom Fly wants a lot for such an outdated processor. Goodnight my 64 3500+ cost me only $110.

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