Whats Your Favorite Thing About Besttechie?

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I go way back with Jeff, Chappy and Ed. Shucks, I remember when the (then even younger) Jeff was making everyone crazy in TTV's IRC chat room about starting a forum that worked without all the politics and bull-crap. Well, Jeff did it and I haven't looked back.

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there is no "The" best thing here.

Maturity does not relate to age.

Everyone here is family.

The originals are outcast if you will from places where "kids" like to talk down one each other instead of helping.

These forums can be called the besttechie collective knowledge base, best place on the net.


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What is my favorite thing about Besttechie? Easy. The friends I've made here. There are a few who I met wayyyyy back at nearly the beginning who I am still close to now.

Matter of fact, I'm on the phone with one of them now. :whistling::lol:

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