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So I was bored and wanted to make a website for my photoshop gallery. I spent a few hours on this template. When I make it live, the text areas won't be images.

I wanted it simple and small-ish and centered. This is what I got. :)

Tips and critiques are welcome.

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I get the hand also.

I kinda like the layout so far but for my 1280x1024 resolution the central box seems a bit small for the page size. Is it optomized for a lower resolution or is that just the way it is displayed?

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Pierce, I'm still kicking out the glitches with the gallery. I have something up now, but I don't like how the images pop up in their own huge window. Maybe I'll find some Java script solution.

I've also come up with another site that is Mac themed.

It can be found HERE

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I Like Minimalistic myself, keeps the clutter down that some sites feel they need.

I hate going to sites that just have a million + 1 things going on in the Home page, wayyy too much junk and makes it impossible to navigate.

Keep it up, you're doin great so far!

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