So I Am In Arizona Again.

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Ahhh....looks Relaxing!!

Mountains in the background, open prarie land in between, and beautiful clear skies above..perfect settings!

A nice hike to the hills to the West there and a good days hiking/climbing the hills would be really cool and good for the soul I'd say.

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It has been great.the first couple of days it was a little(for AZ.)rainy but the last few days has been dry.

high today was near 80 and the last I looked the temp was 65 at 8:30 local time.

The mountians to the south are Mexico.

I am near Tombstone,AZ.

Yes Dave it is relaxing here,too bad I can not stay.


I have been here often,but have limited my posting to near zero,wish I could say why..... :blush:

And I like it here in AZ. as it is alot like Idaho is,just a bit drier and warmer.

Hi Marko,

Last time I was here I drove down and went thru Suncity and Phoenix (what a road race :thumbsup:)

This time rode the silver bird,I was here from BOI in about 3-4 hours,if I drive it takes about 22 hours.

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Seeing as the weather is going to pot up here, I'm so jealous, Tenmm!! Beautiful! We have hills and sand dunes up here, but no mountains!

My Sister and Brother In Law live in Chandler, AZ (near Phoenix) and they LOVE to visit Tombstone!! It's their favorite place.


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Wow....gorgeous sunsets!!!

We have beautiful pink/red sunsets here too but that's a very pretty backdrop there!

I LOVED raising Arizona, that movie is one of my all time Fave's, along with Pulp Fiction. Nicholas Cage was hilarious in that...well they ALL were really...I watch that movie anytime I see it scheduled somewhere.

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