Drunken State

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in mtycountry the liquaur laws were liberilised

so people could drink senseable and not get smashed

but this pic shows this not true

thats why i hate alcahol

EDIT - Image removed

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Stranded,stranded on the bathroom bowl

What do you do when you stranded............... :blink:

Drip dry? (Ok, I know, I know, I couldn't resist!)


Good eyes Liz,, she was looking for some used paper wipe.

Never sit without the tissue in sight haha

Not praying to the porcelan God.

Remember "Ralph' ?

EDIT - Image Removed

(Marsh, I edited your quote tags to get them to display correctly for you ;) Chappy)

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the poor girl was there for one reason

and that was because she was sick with the booze

not because she wanted to use the toilet paper

i got the article from a program aired by the bbc uk

called booze england

which is a weekly show here showing how people drink to excess

and get into that state

that young lady is in.

i wouldnt like to say this happens in other countrys

im my country the gov is going to increase the drinking age to 20

at the moment it is 18

or seventeen if you can show id

a previous gov lowered the drinking age

thinking it would get them votes

but it didnt

the silent majority the mums and dads

didnt like it so they voted accordingly

that poor bugger i bet she had a giant hangover

as well the breweries got her money


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Marty, we used to have a drinking age of 18 and then voted to have it raised to 21. I was 21 at the time and I must admit, I voted to raise the drinking age!! 18 is too darned young, especially when the driving age is 16! I have enough scary memories to prove that!

One thing I've always stressed to my kids is the "don't drink and drive, either call me for a ride or spend the night" speech. Thank God that speech has sunken in (my greatest victory as a parent!). So far, if they're drinking, they don't drive (have had a few slurred-speech phone calls proclaiming they are spending the night at friend's houses! Music to my ears)


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18 may be to young to drink, then it is also to young to die in war; that is the oldest argument around(but a good one). In all honesty I think the drinking age should be 18. I also think all illegal drugs should be legalized. That is just my opinion.

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I wholeheartedly agree that 18 is too young to go to war, Shanenin! I would love to see enlistment, drinking, voting and smoking raised to 21! Give ALL "privledges" at one age.

BUT much of Europe has a completely different stance for drinking. One can legally drink anywhere between 14 and 16, depending on the country, BUT can't get their drivers license till 18 (and then, it's so expensive to get a license that most kids don't drive till their 20's) Seems their philosophy is to teach kids how to respect liquor before obtaining a drivers license (and their drunken driving laws are more strict than ours are as far as fines/jail time) I've always wondered which method is better and Europe almost makes more sense to me. Learn whether or not one can handle booze before learning to drive!

Frank Zappa once said something about marijuana (I probably spelled that wrong) "Legalize it and tax the h*ll out of it". Sure makes sense. Out of all my kids' friends, only ONE smokes tobacco because of Michigan's horrendous tobacco tax (about $45 for a carton of Marlboros!) They can't afford to smoke so they don't smoke! Good for them!!! Hopefully they'll never start!

*sure hope we aren't getting too political here. My slant is a health aspect, not political. If so, oops, I'm sorry!*

edited to correct spelling mistakes, but I don't think it did any good ^_^


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i tend to agree with liz 18 is to young to

have access to alcahol

since we lowered the drinking age

our car accident rate has increased

250 percent. 99 percent of them has been

drink drive

with a 87 percent 18 and under.

so it was inevetable the law needed to be changed


13 percent of the accident rate was commited

by our senior citezens

and many died as a result

tho this statistic wasent drink related


with drink driving. those accidents

also included innocent people

like people in other cars


the law here is to lenient on

drink driving accidents

if we increased the penalitys

maybe the accident rate would go down

tho i doubt it


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In all the years I have ran a bar I have seen more old timers getting sloshed from early opening until the afternoon. They then jump in their cars to hit another couple of bars closer to home. This usually occurs everyday. With the kids, they usually come in Friday and Saturday nights and sometimes Sunday afternoons. The kids will binge drink and bar hop.

I was more worried about the well practiced drunken old timer who jumped behind the wheel with his lesser reflexive actions than the kids at night. Those drunken old timers are out driving around when the school buses are picking up / dropping off young kids.

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You know I drink, but I've never been like that. 18 is not mature enough to drink. You see it time and time again on college campuses. How many times have you heard of some 18 year old college kid dieing of alcohol poisoning?

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I have removed the picture attached to this post as it has been deemed "Too Graphic" an illustration and not appropriate or needed to make the point this post is making.

Thank You for your understanding

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Someone sitting on a toilet with their head in a trashcan is graphic? I'm perplexed.

Well, half naked, on a toilet passed out, vomiting into a trash can...not an image that the Staff thought was appropriate or even needed in fact, to get the message of alcohol abuse across.

As everyone knows we don't allow nude or semi-nude images, and many folks and staff asked about it. Some members PM'd some Staff about it and the Staff, in turn, posted about it's removal in our Admin board. It was decided that while the intent of the post was fine, the image used wasn't required, and was a bit too close to being overtly obscene, and therefore, removed.

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Well, Chappy and Staff, thank YOU for not deeming this thread too political (I was worried!) and thanks to you and Jdoors for the description of the photo--I know you probably pondered over that, but at least now folks will have a written description, so they can at least imagine what this thread is about.

The thing with 18 year old drinking limit is that too many 15 year olds know 18 year olds that can buy for them....with a 21 year old drinking limit, not very many 15 year olds will be able to talk a 21 year old into buying for them. (Voice of experience here!) Sure, a lot of 18 year olds can convince a 21 year old to buy for them, but it's better than a 15 year old, or a newly licensed driver.

And Terrorist, you're absolutely right, it seems the "older, more confident drivers" get busted for drinking and driving. I read the court reports in the paper!

I also agree that parenting is key, but I also know too many parents that have done "everything right" and their kids still get in trouble! These parent's blame the kid's friends, but rule number one of parenting is "you don't choose the kids' friends"....Sure makes being a parent terrifying (as I again Thank God that both my kids are over 21 and haven't been in trouble yet. Like my Mom says, "It's a miracle the kids survived this long!" :) )


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Hi Liz

There's no political type thing here, just a topic on underage drinking and alcohol abuses in general, so there never was any concern about that.

We just didn't think the picture was needed. A half naked drunk woman on the toilet isn't going to get the message across to anyone really. A horiffically graphic image of the death and carnage a drunk driver can cause would be better for that, but would be far too graphic for some.

No, the message the post is bringing out is quite valid and important, so there was never an issue about that.

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The laws are good, but it's the old thing about money. We have a lawyer here that advertises "friends don't let friends plead guilty" So if you have enough money you can get off real easy. Until that stops, we will continue to see the carrnage caused by drunk drivers.

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while i abide by the discision of the board to pull

the image

i maintain the only way to make people take notice is to make it graphic

why do you think we are having this discussion

the reason is that image

im anti drink

as well any one who drinks and

drive has a lethal weapon

in their hands


a pedestrian got hit by the rearvision mirror

and got his face knocked off

on a pedestrian crossing

the driver was twice the the driving limits

and had come out of the pub

25 yards from the crossing

i was on the jury

and i wanted him to have his b---s cut out

but the rest of the jury gave him

another chance because he came from

a local prominent family

and the victim is till haveing

operations to try and get his face back

i feel it is the public who need educating

already i see posts

defending drinking

so in all i dont regret posting that image

but i have to abide by

the board rules

all the people who complained

have you had a relative hit by a drunken driver

try it


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I couldn't agree more Marty...to make people sit up and take notice, you have to grab their sensibilities and slap it around some...but a drunk girl on a toilet isn't accomplishing that.

Now, an image of body parts strewn across a roadway after a drunk smashes into a group of kids on the corner certainly would grab attention and slam the message home, but we don't need that here either.

Besttechie members are intelligent enough to have a meaningful and relevant conversation about such issues, without having overly graphic images to punch it home.

That's how you get High School kids in Drivers Ed class to pay attention (remember "Blood on the Highway anyone..?) but we're all responsible Adults and Young Adults here, so we can discuss this without images or films.

If the image wouldn't have been a half-naked girl on a toilet, it probably would have stayed up (depending on how graphic it is). A picture from the front page of the paper showing a horrific accident scene caused by a drunk driver would send much more of a message that the aftermath of a "College BeerFest Party" would...do you see our point here?

We felt it just wasn't appropriate, given the (very) valid message you were making.

Now, if she were in that "position" while behind the wheel of her car, THAT would be a different story altogether now..

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