Create Your Own Personalized Live Cd/dvd With One Easy Script!

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Now this is realy cool, and another reason why the folks at mandriva and pclinux are winning the first place in my heart.

With this app (available currently only for pclinux and mandriva) you can create a live/install cd of your own system containing your favorite apps, home directory, settings, everything. And you can reuse it has an install cd for backuo or simply a portable system. There is also the option to create simply a restoration cd.

Yes this has been possible with knoppix and others, but it involves a bit of hoop jumping to do, with this app and distro you can do it with just one simple scrypt has root.

The screenies are of my live dvd desktop, running ksmoothdock, from where I am posting this post (though unfortunatly ksmoothdock is not centered, and screen res boots at less than nominal), though things are not nominal it is not to bad for a live dvd.

If you want a live dvd or cd with upto the minute apps, all your bookmarks FF extensions etc. etc. then you should give pclinux and livecd a try.

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