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    About U?

    Hello my friend, I kinda hoped this thread would fade in the background. I was having a melancholy day and revealed way to much personal information. You have gotten me through so much crap hitest... you have no idea! We all have problems and we ride them out. Your daily life crap is important and has always been important to me. Who else could have been my "confidant" and "partner in crime"? Heehee! So get that head up, I still need my "partner in crime". I'm sorry I didn't tell you my friend. ~Cris~ _____________________________________________________________ Hi TT_75, I would a
  2. Hi CGM3, I don't know you so first I would like to say hello. I'm sorry you thought the site sucked. But it was about "poop" after all? Maybe I can find something with pictures for you next time. Also, I would never use the word "stupid" when addressing another member or a members post. I would have said nothing. But that's just me. I hope you have a beautiful Sunday!
  3. Everyone probably knows about this site but... I'll give it a shot? I need to say there are some profanities. So anyone that doesn't like that kind of thing don't go to the site. OK? Also, if this is improper please let me know?
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    About U?

    Hi all, I'm an artist semi-retired (as if an artist can ever retire ) not by choice forced by illness, kidney failure and liver failure. Thank you so much Terrorist 75 for sharing your story! I can differently feel your pain. My partner's liver is much worse than mine and needs a liver now.. On the other hand I need a kidney. I'm starting to think that we are being pieced out part by part. You have no idea how your post effected me. Thank you so much!!! I've been married for 29 years and have four children, two grandchildren. I'm also a "TTV" displaced person looking for familiar fa
  5. chinawht

    About U?

    Nahhh! Just wait until I get my so called career back on track. I just gota work my way out of this slight little teeny tiny debt first. Hi Mac, Don't let him fool ya folks, this ones a keeper! He's also quite modest about his many accomplishments.
  6. I know what all of you are saying !!! I never want to go to a board and have to fight my way through? I just don't want to get into any of that crap they have over there. I don't ever want to have to fight when I'm just minding my own business and just want to go to the forums to find out what's what? I tried but just never could get comfortable there? They have some really irate people over there that seem to take pleasure in being mean. Don't need that! As far as finding anything, that's a joke. I've never been able to find anything without reading, reading ,looking, searching
  7. I'm beginning to wonder? Not a bad theory mikex.... inside information? Heehee! Hey, I'm to the point now that if my computer runs I'm happy
  8. Hi Mac! Haven't seen you in a while and just wanted to say "hello"! Take care... ~C~
  9. Hi everybody, I have a really weird problem and hope someone can help! I downloaded SP2 this evening and when finished I no longer have XPThemes? Just the old classic theme of older version. Weird huh? The bad part is I can't stand the old version and this is driving me nuts. I don't want to start-in changing too much before I know about SP2 and what in the world I'm supposed to do with it Anyone heard of this little ditty happening to anyone else? Be gentle guys.... I'm not that computer literate? (I hope I put this in the right place?)
  10. Thanks tg1911 for the warning! I swear, the things that people do sometimes just blow me away
  11. Hi Mac, I couldn't agree more about the folks on this board. I have felt welcome here from day one. I didn't want to become too involved with the G4 boards because I wanted to find a place that was a little kinder than those boards seemed to be. If I'm wrong about their boards then I apologize first off. I just didn't want a lot of negativity around me all the time and it seems kinda hard to get away from over there. Everybody here has been so kind and helpful. I hope to be around here a lot.
  12. Frightening! I don't even want to know about that one. Nope....
  13. Real world stuff huh?. That's no fun? Heehee We need that wit of yours around here so don't stay away too much? As far as my computer goes... She's doing pretty good, just needed a little bit of house cleaning. Seems I had let a lot of stuff piled up that needed to be flushed Once I got rid of that she has been doing pretty good. But don't throw out that hard drive recipe or the grill. Ya never know when we might need it? Take care...
  14. That's a terrible accident, you're very, very lucky to be here! Truer words have never been spoken. Again all the best Tyme!
  15. I know nothing about Satellite Internet. I'm very appreciative to get a personal opinion from someone on how it is working out for them. I've thought about it for a while but knew absolutely nobody that had any experience with using satellite. I also wondered if the weather would have any effect on its operating status. I'm really glad you shared your viewpoint with us marsh. A big thanks to everyone who offered information!
  16. Oh jeez tg1911? A pelvic fracture is very serious. Broken in five places? Sounds like you shattered it as well as your femur. You're very, very lucky to be here and to be mobile without any residual problems. Was yours also a car crash? As a person also suffering with debilitating physical and health problems I can only echo your words of support. The mind has to be the number one responder in healing of the body. You can have all the doctors in the world, have physical therapy until you drop, and take pills up the wazoo, but until you let the mind do it's magical work, you'll be h
  17. Thanks for sharing omec36, I hadn't seen "THE STORY OF ANDY'S COMPUTER" before and thought it was really cool! Someone put a lot of work into it and they also have a really creative mind
  18. Hmmmm? Guess you can nuck anything these days. Heehee!
  19. Ahhh yes... I would make a fine expensive bottle of wine But I would make a pretty crappy pizza... The dogs would be using me as a petrified chew stick? Heehee!
  20. Hey Mac! Good to see you! My email notifications got a little mixed up and I only started getting them back again this evening??? Thought everyone had gone away? Came back here and found out that all was well Thank goodness!
  21. LOL... Hey Mac I think I put mine as 1911 or something? Maybe 1800's ? Can't remember but I always do that On the other board I just turned 1 this year. Hey you gotta do what you gotta do. Heehee
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    Bad Mood Day

    That is just great! Looks like you're going to do it!!! Yeah! Give yourself a big old pat on the back
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    Hi B

    Same here! Good to see that your health is improving!
  24. RE:missy51633 "where can i get one,,,does it make tea i don't drink coffee" Don't know about that? But from the looks of the thing... it would probably make coffee, make tea, make you a sandwich, and make the bed?????
  25. Sounds like a good suggestion to me missy