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  1. . In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Baby Don't you know that I luuuv you Oh no, ever since I listened to that stupid song it won't go away! It's like virus inside my head replaying that opening riff: In the meantime going with The Beatles Revolver album.
  2. Welp, I never thought I'd listen to it again but for just this thread: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida-----Iron Butterly
  3. Every time I see a "Greatest Hits" CD for one of those I am SO tempted. But I suspect I'll wind up scratching my head, wondering, "What was I thinking?" "Jim Dandy to the RESCUE!" Well, the best of Uriah Heep or Black Oak Arkansas might be a stretch, but a best of Savoy Brown is a good listen. Saw them of the same bill with Fleetwood Mac in 1973 at the Salem,Or Armory.
  4. Good God, Uriah Heep. I have them in 8 track. I've got to find an old player somewhere and play some of that stuff. Black Oak Arkansas, Savoy Brown, Procul Harum--all the bigs. What of my favorite 8 track features: Playing part of the song, reaching the end of the channel, a pause while the channel changes, song resumes. Man, my 69 chevy van (with curtains and bean bag chairs and don't forget that pea green shag rug--what a babe magnet LOL!) toolin' around with the 8 track blarin'! Listening to Buddy Guy "First Time I Met The Blues" right now
  5. luvIPA

    Hey Everyone

    Hey arachnid 40, I myself live right smack dab in the middle of the Columbia River Gorge (Washington side). And welcome shaggysi!
  6. Well wanted to to tell you I made it to Lyttelton and took the bus over to Christchurch and enjoyed the visit very much. It was a surprise visit on the way to Antarctica--wer'nt supposed to pay a call but a change of plans at the last minute put us there. Only in Christchurst for a few hours but loved the scenery. People frienly. You live in A great and beautiful country. If I go back next year will definely give you heads up. Love to meet you. Steve
  7. Oh hell, it's almost time for me to go back to work. No more internet for awhile and more importantly no more of my prized Inda Pale Ales. Gonna sit here and quaff 'em till it's time to go. I'll be watchin' y'all from whatever internet cafe and stumble into.
  8. That is so strange. I've been to the UAE a few times and it is one of the most secular of the middle east states. Heck that's were the a lot of people from more strict Arab countries go to party (along with Bahrain) Had no trouble getting a beer there (except during Ramadan) and I guess that's how I pretty much base my opinion of how much I like a place. A few good British-type Pubs in Dubai.
  9. Well I guess I was a little slow on the giddy-up. Kept heading back to the temp. sight and no one there! Jeez, it was like walking through an abandoned warehouse or something. Found the link in Sauron the Morbids Sig over in TTV (er..G4) and by golly here it is. So much more maturity here. Not to mention all my favorite Big Guns inhabit this place.
  10. Well Hello everybody. My rave goes to everyone here and especially those who migrated from the TTV boards to this on and to the creator of this forum. I'm in the merchant marine so I'm off-line for weeks at a time (hands shaking even thinking about it!) and it seems like every time I came back there was some sort upheaval going on over there. It's very nice to see some of the regulars that I haven't seen much of (sidekickcat,marsh ox, ect) over here giving out good advice. Heck even the Terrorist got his name back. So now I can peruse a forum without sifting through the "G4 sucks, long live T