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  1. I know how to do this. As you stated and I stated in the G4 forums that would be a bandaid to the problem. I'd like WSC to go back to correctly reporting NAV's status. This notification tells me two things: 1) WSC is incorrectly reporting that NAV is off OR 2) There is in fact an issue with NAV even though it appears to be running and enabled. Which is why I don't want a bandaid fix.
  2. Windows Security Center inappropriately reports that Norton Anti-Virus 2004 is off when in fact it isn't off nor disabled. I updated NAV and XP then I restarted with no avail. I still get the little red shield in my task manager (next to clock).
  3. Yeah I know you can also ctrl + click but is there any ext to allow just a click?
  4. That can't be done with a notebook which is what I use.
  5. Ok how bout being able to click a link within a page and having it open as a tab in the same session rather than opening a whole new window? Anybody else have any must have extensions? Greatly Appreciated!
  6. Can somebody list some killer FF Extensions?