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  1. Hello techies, I was searching the web for free song hosting sites.. I can't seem to find one, Somthing as simple as uploading the song and getting the link as far as it goes. Can anyone tell me some links? I'd appericiate it (It's .wma format so keep that in mind.) Thanks
  2. I own GW & WoW but WoW takes the cake for the best MMO currently. GW has lots of bugs even more than WoW, It's horrible if your trying to go up a hill or mountain in GW If you're going to play one, pick WoW.....Or if your cheap pick GW but beware!
  3. I play CS:S alot, I tend to play WoW more though. Name is 'FallenChance!' in game
  4. Hello Jennifer, I remember you from the G4/TTV forums awhile back. I recently just heard about this place and decided to join. Welcome and hello:)
  5. Ah I seen Farienght 9/11 and could barely watch it. Half Michael said was made up liberal based media just to turn people. It made me sick to watch half of it then I turned it off.
  6. Are you serious? Master-Slave drives are not allowed to be said? Give me a break, that's the dumbest thing I've heard ever.
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    Reel Big Fish Catch 22 Suburban Legends Planet Smashers Modest Mouse Aquabats Forces of Evil The Ataris Mostly ska , indie
  8. Heh I'm not sure where I came up with FallenChance. I got it when I was thinking of a new name for Counter-Strike like 2 years ago and I remember alot of peole use 'Fallen' so i'd add somthing on the end and I thought of Chance so......There's a story.
  9. Happy birthday to good people and a good forums!
  10. What didn't she say that was needed? Good job:D
  11. Error? Works fine for me.. Contact an admin about it.