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  1. ya , well i was booting up a music cd and on my computer , im using xp home , and it gives you a list of commands on what you want to do when a cd or w/e of its type is in the computer. i put a music cd in my computer and i picked view with i tunes and i accidently hit the always do this checkmark , and now it always does that and i dont know how to make it not do that all the time. any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. thx guys your awsome!! and ps to the guys who tried to help me before thx to you guys too!
  3. hey guys , (btw i got my comp workin fine now , the graphics card just wasnt reacting well with my comp) anyways ya i go on some sites ( we could go on and stuff but im just gonna stick to sites lol) anyways i cant get them off of my url address bar in internet explorer and ive tried going to folders and making everything visable and clearing out my history , cookies , my temporary internet files ( online and off) , my recent folder , and my temp folder but they are still there plz help
  4. well about that now my computer gets too hot from sitting idley , my dad was no help all he did was like i thought complain saying its my fault the computer is getting old and crapping out , plus i dont got a job so no money income , my computer can barely surf the internet without shutting down now but i got all i want on an external hard drive so im good , plz help if you can for a guy with no budget what so ever
  5. ok i think something is kicking the bucket or i got a really bad virus cuz my computer just kicked out while playing a song this has gone from just games to doing little things what do you gusy think , is it clean something time or replace something time? btw dad is not an issue anymore mom told him
  6. how do i update my power supply and what drivers should i update to help solve this problem? cuz some of my drivers i do not know who manufactured them
  7. as about my dad let me give you some background my dad is not stupid with computers , that was not my reason for not telling him my reason for not telling him is the fact he's a [removed] , he's a fat dry drunk [removed] idiot , if i tell him im only gonna get a [removed] fest 2000, in fact the last time i got him to reformat my computer he was threatening to take it away from me , cuz if he takes it away from me well [remove] man that means im [removed] outta luck so rather than lose my computer and see this all go to [removed]im gonna try to fix my problem myself , could you send me those si
  8. ok i tried out wc still did it but it took longer to do it
  9. ok it was at full acceleration and i brought it downa notch and im gonna test wc and as fir the direct x version i got version 9.0c
  10. um you forgot some things there for one im trying not to let my dad find out , 2 i got no money and plus i dont know wtf your talking about when it comes to the heat sink and [removed]. as for the fans i got 4 or 5 already which are working find and dandy , its not that i dont appreciate your help just i cant do those things
  11. ok ive used canned air , ive used numerous virus scans etc , ive uninstalled and reinstalled warcraft tons of times , ive used registry fixers to fix my registry which did nothing really ,ive went to the setup screen or w/e and changed the maximum heat allowed from 85 degrees farnheight to 95 , ive put spy bot on my computer and i have went from 3 virus scanners to one, ive changed my computer to not restart when it crashes which now results in a blue screen which i i have to shut it down anyways, ive updated my video card drivers, ive went through my device manager to find out all of that st
  12. i got a report thingy saying vpu recover reseted or something cuz my graphics accelerator stopped working, what do you make of this? could it be the reason why?
  13. you guys are right im wrong im an idiot , its over heating for sure , i got hmoniter , it moniters your voltages cpu heat motherboard heat etc and my cpu heat is at its max of 46 degrees celcius not ferinheight w/e and its sayin just loading a game brings my comps heat to the max and then just barely moving makes it go over, now theres two things i can do really raise the max with that blue screen w/e that lets you mess with max heat level , sound card installation , graphics cardm installtion etc and its at the motherboard screen you access it how do you access it cuz tab f2 and del dont acce
  14. i got some interesting news it seems that every new game i install it starts crashing like warcraft 3 cuz i just installed another game and it has the same problem as wc , what do you guys make of it?
  15. that got rid of the kernel but it didnt solve my overall problem , i know this is getting old and annyoing to you and same with me but dio you know anything else i could try?