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  1. Yea cause at first setup was telling me to uninstall applications so I uninstalled drivers that belonged to alcohol 120 and other image burn software. Along with diskeeper and I disabled my antivirus. Everything I could possibly think of and setup then did allow me to continue with the install. So i dont know what to do right now i guess i will just wait.
  2. My PC had vista preinstalled...the thing is I dont want to do a fresh install that is my last resort. I will attempt to do the repair and see what happens...thanks.
  3. Yea I have vista ultimate and im trying to upgrade to windows 7 ultimate.
  4. Hello, I am trying to upgrade to windows 7 from vista. Installation goes fine until it reaches the "expanding" install. The setup gives me a message that windows is unable to successfully reboot. And it only allows me quit the upgrade setup and restart the whole process. I have disconnected my external hard drive. disabled antivirus, removed my video card ( I am having a separate issue with my video card? maybe its related?) and i have uninstalled all applications that would require a image drive. The Issue that Im having with my video card is that it shows up on the device manager, but when I
  5. no luck with the Combined Community Codec Pack. But in firefox tools>options>>content>file types am i suppose to have wmp, mpeg, avi associations listed? Because I only have adobe and shockwave flash listed. Does anyone have video files associated?
  6. ok well never mind...... I have no sound in firefox again for some reason.
  7. I fixed it! I basically uninstalled all codecs and video players, flash player, and cleaned the registery and installed Vista Codec package, adobe flash player and wmp firefox pluggin. It seemed like there was a conflict occuring with the media players. Thanks for the tips all!
  8. alright thanks for the replies, will try these tips when I get home.
  9. ive had VLC since basically ever....ill try reinstalling VLC, im just desperate to get this working!
  10. Hello all, For quite a while now I have had no sound in firefox while attempting to play embedded videos. I have sound while playing the same embedded video in IE7 but no sound in firefox. I have tried to reinstall wmp 11, shockwave player and vista codecs. I have no idea what could of caused this since it was quite a while ago that the sound went off.
  11. Hey all, Im currently in the process of backing up data so I can do a clean install of Vista. But I was wondering how I could back up my music play lists so they could work under Vista? I have backed up all of my music files to dvds, but Im just having trouble with the play lists. I use Media Monkey and I am able to export my playlists to .m3u. Now I have a dual boot with Vista, (for testing purposes) so when I try to play a .m3u playlist under Vista, windows media player tells me it cannot find the flies, even though I run the playlist in the same folder where my music files are located in.
  12. Yea thats the tutorial i found. it looks pretty straight forward, hopefully i wont run into any trouble. thanks for the reply.
  13. nvm guys, I found a tutorial, my bad.
  14. Hey all, I want to try windows vista, but right now I have XP installed. Is it possible to create a partition if I already have a OS already installed? and if so, how can I do this?
  15. Thank you for the reply. Im only adjusting it myself because I tried to play a video game and it said I needed to have more virtual memory.
  16. Hello all, I recently installed a 1 gig stick of ram. So now I have the 1 gig and a 256 MB stick. Right now I have virtual memory set at 768 MB as opposed to the 672 MB that it once used to be before I upgraded. When my computer is idle it has about 768 MB free and I have onboard graphics. How much virtual memory should I have?
  17. Thanks a lot guys your posts are very helpful. I will end up purchasing a 1 gig stick of PC4200 memory. Thanks again
  18. Hey all, I have a Compaq model SR2020NX with currently 512MB of memory. I need more than that so I'm looking to upgrade to atleast 1GB depending on how much money I could spend. But Im confused as to which memory I should buy. I know my motherboard supports PC4200 (533 MHz) but this website Here says my motherboard will also support PC2 5300 (667 MHz) DDR2 DIMMs? I'm assuming the 5300 is better but at a higher price? Also how does dual channel work? Say I can only purchase a 1GB memory stick, could I later purchase the same type of memory stick and it will function in dual channel? Does PC2 5
  19. StealthG

    Eagle Cam

    lol Stephen Colbert would like this cam
  20. Hey all, I recently purchased a new Compaq computer and it came with a rebate form for a vista upgrade dvd that will be mailed home a couple of weeks after vista is released, or so I think. I already put in my order but without thinking I ordered the 32 bit version. The computer I bought has a AMD Athlon 64 3500+ with 512MB of memory. Wouldnt a 64bit version be "faster" than a 32bit version? Should I change my order? And I do plan on upgrading to atleast 1 gig of memory and a decent video card before actually installing the upgrade.
  21. Thank you for the great idea Pete_C!! I never thought of that. Later today I'm going to post on craigslist and see if I could get some donations that way as well.
  22. Hey all, Just recently I started working part time at a local Boys and Girls club. I'm there most evenings helping around doing what I can. They do have computers, but they are a couple of years old and terribly slow. Often, I see kids whining and complaining about how slow they are which just leads them to become frustrated. So I got an idea, to try and fix up the couple of computers they have there. So I cleaned them with antivirus, spyware etc. scans. But they are still slow and they cannot afford new ones. So I just started bringing in my own computer memory from home and what not to upgra
  23. Hey thanx! I finally seemed to do it using MS Word. Kind of a time saver when you need to send out a lot of letters.