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  1. what about just a dsl (ethernet hookup through my router) ? how can i make it do that? ive been playing around with it for a while and cant seem to make it work how do i go about connecting to the internet?
  2. on top of all that i cant seem to get the internet connected, im trying to use a linksys wireless-b usb network adapter (wusb11 ver.2.8) and i have no clue on how to do this (please keep in mind im a noob) will wireless even work? i have a linksys wireless router 2.4 ghz, please help
  3. ok, wel the install went really well and i am up and running ubuntu. so i have a few more (more to come) quesitons about how the operating system is run, i go to computer and try to create new folders so i can store stuff but it says im not the owner and i ahve no clue on how to change that, ive been to the permissions and they are all grey shaded so i cant click on them any clue on how to fix this problem, also where would i get themes to download for ubutu ( like the best ones) and is there a trick on how to do it or is it pretty straight forward? also when i try to play mp3's it says the f
  4. WOW LINUX IS AWSOME!, lol i cant belive what ive been missing, i dropped in the live cd and have been using it for 2 days now, im gonna get a blank hd and install it, so questions, will unbuto install easy what will i need to do first? would i be able to run msn messesnger on it? (thats a biggie) and i seen screenshots of linux with really cool desktops and such, how will i be able to do that in unbuto? i would post a link of what i saw but ill have to re read the rules first about link posting as im not so sure about it. other then that you guys have been a huge help,.... thanks!
  5. wow guys thanx for the fast and very helpful replys im trying unbuto first becaus ethat seems like the most popular choice so far so ill try that and let you knwo how it goes! thanks so much
  6. Hey guys, I have decided to take a step into the unknown and try linux for the first time ever! and i have no clue how to do it, there are sooo many choices and different versions of linux its overwhelming, so i throw myself to the mercy of you linux pros for much needed advice and tips and maybe suggestions? first will my computer be a problem? pentium 4 2.2 256 megs of ddr ram 40 western digital hd 2 lg 52x burners Seanix MS-6769 motherboard floppy/optical mouse cheapo monitor (this is just a junk comp i have lying around) anyways, My questions are:(sorry if these sound dumb) Will this co