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  1. in Tennessee they have started using suv's, either explorers or envoys, I think. They are all completely white. edit: Grammar not functioning this early.
  2. Biology - we looked at a bunch of microscopic stuff
  3. dirt (oh and there is a drive in movie theater in Woodbury Tennessee, about twenty minutes from where I go to college.)
  4. and serve......... to protect and serve, it is on the side of most police cars Edit : Clarified what I wrote after reading it.
  5. XP is not immune to that effect especially if something is crashing. After he resets the resolution in your account, if he logs back in to his account what happens? My suggestions to help solve the problem include trying to change the resolution of the screen while he is still logged in. This is because the problem could be a setting that is specific to him. On that note does he have administrator privileges? If you have the option of a different monitor or different output connection you might try that, as a different monitor should cause windows to re-auto detect the resolution settings.
  6. ping (the sound that a driver makes right before the golfer yells fore)
  7. One fun experience with PC building I was a part of involves a BIOS upgrade. I was helping out with a build problem at the MTSU Wesley Foundation. That is the United Methodist Campus Ministry where I go to school, Middle Tennessee State University. Anyway everything was installed and the machine would not boot. The little led display kept on flashing 18 and then stopping the boot process. 18 was the code for processor not found. We went through everything the pins in the processor slot, the ram, the power supply. I remember specifically asking if it was the correct processor for the mother bo
  8. Hi, last night I freed 26 Gigabytes from the windows partition on the machine that I am writing you from. On these 26 Gigs I intend to install Linux (probably Ubuntu, maybe red hat) and create a common data partition. My big question is about the sizes for the partitions. I plan to put the boot manager on a small separate partition at the end of the drive and form what I have read I will need a swap partition also. So my question is how much space does a working Linux install really take up? Or need? Secondly, not to start a flame war, but what are your opinions about the two afore mentioned