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  1. Ok, maybe not the babes part. I would like my PC speaker to beep when something happens on my comptuer. I assume you are all familar the event viewer and performance logs and alerts? You can select something, such as cpu useage and make it do an action if it is over say 58%. One of these options is to run a program. Does anyone know of a program that will beep the speaker then close? I'm no programmer so I'm not sure how hard this would be to code. Note that sound card drivers are not installed on my server which is why the PC speaker beeps (I like it that way) Any ideas?
  2. Google maps does not use any ActiveX. Sounds like you are both infected with something.
  3. Wow thanks everyone! It is really true that all the great minds have come to BestTechie!
  4. Indeed, I don't know why G4 admins are so power hungry. "OMG no more mods even though we need them". By the way this post shows up as RESULT 4 in a Google search for "Miss Fae"
  5. Quick! Name the clock of an ISA bus and the voltage!
  6. A BRAND NEW Dell, with a 2.4 celeron (which is way more powerful then that old Duron) with 256 MB ram, an 80g hdd, cdr/w keyboard mouse and speakers AND a full legal version of XP Home for $279. Which would you spend YOUR money on? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Could I get a link to that?
  7. I have always wondered how CPUs "wear out" and if they do. Or computer parts for that matter. I know that flash drives "wear out" but I don't know what that means. As long as things are kept cool, power is clean, and mechnical parts are replaced, shouldn't they last forever? What am I missing?
  8. Oh thank you Curling! And jcl for the latest comments!
  9. Judging image quality over TV isn't a good way to do it. I don't know how you can't see the difference in megapixels. Maybe if you are talking about a small print but in the age of digital-everthing physical copies mean less and less. Plus more megapixels means you can crop an image to the extreme and still have a pretty good photo. Important for people who need to take pictures as they happen and do not have time to compose a shot.
  10. I just don't want to be giving people bad information. But if it is as complicated as you say it is and not easily explainable then maybe I should just remove the section. This link works Don't know if I should be ashamed of it. Don't want to be seen as some loser simplifying things to the extreme or as "talking out of my ass about things I know nothing about". Thanks.
  11. About a month ago someone PMed on the G4TV Forums me with some suggestions on my http://mboverload.no-ip.org/tech/recyle.html page. He pointed out correctly that the Recycle Bin was, when it was introduced, as a way to "bring back" deleted files so my title may not be entirely accurate. He also pointed out a few other things on how NTFS (maybe FAT also) "deletes" files by adding a ~ in front of them... something like that. I changed the title and told him I would correct the article as soon as I could. Before I did that the retarded 100 private message limit made me delete the files. Onl
  12. I completely agree. The DX Kodak series are great for anyboby who wants LOTS of control over their picture can't can't afford something that costs $1500. I own the DX7590 and chose it after a few weeks of solid research and a large whiteboard.
  13. For many freeware applications you can install the application, copy the program folder to your keychain, then uninstall the application, and it will work from the keychain.
  14. I like UltraVNC alot better If you do any kind of PC repair Sysinternals utilities are good to have around. Esp. FileMon, the most useful thing EVER http://www.sysinternals.com/