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  1. perhaps put up an add or two at your local grocery store, a friend and I did that about 3 months ago for computer repair. Just simple repairs like cleaning up the HDD and setting up some basic security for the client, we charge a flat fee of 25$ a computer (really cheap compared to GeekSquad and the others). We get about 10 to 12 calls a month. Its free advertising so it cant hurt. Give it a shot. Make sure not to come off as a con artist or anything just flat out say what your trying to accomplish.
  2. Reset the router and re-configure everything. I put up with linksys stuff for 3 years and finally switched over to belkin and love it.
  3. The older e-machines were not the greatest PC's around. The newer ones have improved greatly. Do you think that e-machines makes their own PSU? No they don't. You need to Get on the people that made the PSU. Funny you say that i have had over a dozen e-machines mainly cus i have never had one fail on me. My first computer was an emachines(400mhz and a whopping 32mb of ram) and my latest is an emachines(2800+ Athlon XP 1GB RAM) I must have been the lucky customer. I have had the WORST luck with IBM's have had 3 and all three of them went dead within the first year, first was the mobo second was
  4. haha funny you should say that because last year i was kept after for lunch detention and my english teacher was doing the same thing
  5. The idea of a router is to split an internet connection up among differnt computers, however i wouldnt think they would make you have one, i know my linksys WRT54G doesnt make you have an active broadband connection. Maybe it is something to do with how netgear designs their routers after all if he just wanted a home network why buy a router? a switch is usually cheeper and would be perfect for what he wants to do. A switch is like a router except doesnt have an internet (WAN) port. However later on if he needed the internet for his networked computers the switch should allow it. Hope that hel
  6. very nice... 40hz is pretty good for a computer sub... definitly a plus.. Id see if you can find them at your local bestbuy, or wherever and listen to them your self.
  7. Ill second that, however don't limit your search to just dells. Although they are a good computer for the money there are deals out there that give you more bang for the buck cheak out, ebay(watch for scams all that, and read EVERYTHING.), new egg, sometimes ive found good deals on yahoo shopping as well. Good hunting ill let you know if i spot anything worth cheaking out.
  8. ok try changing the network name... let me know what happends. "Go get me $20 in cables and 5 rolls of tin-foil - i'll cover them REAL NICE!" - brings back good memories of how we fix cars in auto shop.
  9. I always knew spending $1000 on my hometheater cables would pay off some day some how. I looked at them this morning they all say shielded on them
  10. my home theater receiver doesnt pick up the signals (yammerhammer RX-Z9) of course it was half the price of a kia.
  11. anytime, also about your cell situation im not sure how big your area is but generally i just keep it 10 feet away from my desktop speakers an i cant hear anything.
  12. Use the network setup wizard in my network places it should guide you through it (its very straight forward). After using that restart the computers if not promted to, i find it avoids any complections, when they boot up again go to my network places and you should see a shared folder one for each computer that u can drag and drop files to, erase edit, do whatever. To answer you other question, Wi-fi works at two typical frequencies, 802.11 G and B work at about 2.4 GHZ actual frequency goes out to a longer decimal but as a rule of thumb 1-11 channels work at about 2.4 GHZ Wi-Fi 802.11 A works
  13. I have a emachines c2782 and got 128MB of ram from a freind to put into it, when i did this i started it up and it says i only have 320MB total (originally 256) im gussing the missing 64MB's is being shared with the onboard video card, however i use an aftermarket video card and dont need the onboard one so how do i disable the onboard video card from using my ram?
  14. also another program that erases everything but the OS is deep freeze, I put it on all of my workstations and just save to my server drives.