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  1. Ahh thanks, I thought my Firefox is using 64 version, but it apparently that Mozilla haven't got into it. I went to IE 64 and got the 64 file.. I have one small annoyance. When I am attempting to install a few java file in my computer, it failed to see there a java 64, I have both 32 and 64 because of the browser. It keep saying that my computer is x86, So I uninstall the x86 one (i have to completely reinstall x64 because uninstalling the x86 completely remove every bit of Java even the 64) then reinstall 64, Java able to see that my computer is amd64 and using the 64 version. When I use the
  2. Ok I am not sure if Oracle actually screw this up or it just me. I just upgrade my computer to Window 7 64 bit, and need a Java 64 bit. I thought Java already given me the x64 by using the online download. But When I check the Control Panel, I found out it is using the 32 bit. So I went looking around in Java website and it keep pointing me to the "64 bit download site" which it is a 32 bit version. Anyone know the actual download link that is directly to 64 bit? Or any way to get it? the 32 bit run just fine on my Window 7 x64 but I would like to have the 64 bit version. Oy I said "64 bit" to
  3. Done that when I suspected a possible corrupted system file two weeks ago. the SFC didn't detect the problem. Lately my computer starting to have problem like Standby mode, the processor is still running (fans still running) which that is not right because in the past, if I put it on standby mode, the processor would power down and fan is turn off. So from that point, I decided to do a clean install. It is not a big deal for me because almost all important files is in one folder, so easier for me to create a backup. I went on my Ubuntu and mount the NTFS partition and transfer that folder to
  4. Already installed a new version of Eraser Checked that and al are updated. I forgot to run the Window Update once in a while and it all patched up. and ran it again and all dectected good. one thing I noticed in my task manager, why do I have 10 svchost.eve running? 6 months ago, I used to have only 4 svchost.exe running and now it got to.... 10! Sandboxie is already disabled, it no longer running in my process list for a long long time (I already disabled the services as you asked me to) and I uninstalled it. One problem, I am unable to go to safe mode for some reason. I believed the mup.s
  5. Disabled I forgot about the services. and I got that disabled along with the startup disabled as well. I did asked my roommate about it. She say that she didn't noticed the difference and Don't have that problem. Like I said, My Ubuntu (installed in the same XP box) is not affected with the problem. So again it pointed to XP partition, something going on in XP that is having a problem. I remember back in original XP, there were reports that there is a problem with TCP/IP stack that have this similar problem and SP1/SP2 suppose to fix the problem. Possible it is that? And I already changed th
  6. I use Everything for my window searching tools. It was with me for a long time before the problem occur and it have no access to network because I don't use it for network searching. I use Growl for Window for my Android Notifier, which mean my android phone got any form of message will send through the network to my computer then Growl will display what kind of message I am getting on my phone. Again, I recently installed Growl last month. the problem occurred last year. So I would doubt Growl for Window have something to do with it I just using the Firefox Beta version last week. so Again,
  7. Interesting thing going on. After updating my Ubuntu 9.10 (haven't used it for a month), the problem didn't affect my Ubuntu, everything is fine and load really quickly, all image loaded as it was suppose to. There is no "page cannot display" error at all. And my Ubuntu able to see my networked printer just fine (without HP driver, tired to use their driver but the script file that they provided refused to work for some reason) and I am able to print just fine. So that would mean it point to my XP is the main problem. That mean something going on in my XP is slowing down? I already post the HJ
  8. MBAM reported clean computer, but again my network felt slow for some reason. so Is there anything in my computer that have possibility hidden stuff somewhere? Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2 Scan saved at 3:10:32 PM, on 10/9/2010 Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600) MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702) Boot mode: Normal Running processes: C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\Ati2evxx.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe c:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Essent
  9. They test anything on the modem and they said that the result is showing all system ok. then why do I keep getting a "Page cannot display" every 5 min and it always 4th reload to get the page reload. there is one more problem, I didn't realized the account holder (I already asked her permission to let me speak for her for network and she granted everything to me) that she brought the modem from ATT, didnt rent. so If the the tech show up and said it the modem, she have to cough up 80 bucks to replace the modem. I told her that she brought the modem, didnt rent it. She told me that she didnt go
  10. I been all over this trying to figure out the problem. The problem is that my network been slow for no reason. I already ran a few speed test it it is at 5mbps down and .4 mbps up. And I ran a ping test by using pingtest.net and found nothing wrong there, it all stable and showing normal, like 16ms latency, 2ms jittery with no packet loss. It just felt something is wrong because my Firefox couldn't load the page, I have to click try again 3 times to get the page loading. Last year it wasn't that bad, only have that error like 5 times a day, but now it increased to 100 times a day and it really
  11. Anyone help me with this? Had a few modification recently. Due to a connection problem with my videophone, so I had to make my WBR to be a switch and it work well. So basically after doing stuff trying to make my networked printer to appear on my installation. I went to HP.com and get a HP Home Network Diagnostic Utility program and ran it. It found my networked printer just fine, but the setup still not seeing the printer in the network. Since my WBR is the switch, that should give a direct access to my gateway which a center hub for my internet. So I thought it is a possibility that it the F
  12. Updated: It works well few weeks ago with the HP software and I uninstalled it to get other software add to it, and try to find the printer again, it unable to find it for some reason. so I decided not to bother with the connection through the wireless. I moved to a different room and closer to the router this week, so basically, I connected 2701HG-B Gateway to my WBR-2310 and my computer is connected to my WBR along with my video phone device. Few days later, I realized that I am able to use the wired connection to get a better connection with the printer. So I get the HP software again and r
  13. But Why is that? Before I used the HP driver, my XP able to find the printer just fine and printed good until a week later, it just disappeared for no reason. What cause the disappearance? Do HP want to "force" the customer to use their software to find the networked printer?
  14. mm I feel dumb for not using the HP software to find my printers. I usually let Window to get the drivers for me since I know HP's software is usually bloated (64MB, seriously bloated) But I'm glad it didn't install the software, just the driver that all. and HP Installer found my networked printer and test page it, it work beautifully, thanks for the help
  15. My roommate and I are sharing the printer, we have HP all in one printer, a last year model. We decided to have it hooked up to the router since the all in one printer do have the ethernet port. Her laptop (using Vista) found the network printer just fine and printed the paper just fine. And my Xp did find it but a few weeks later it disappeared from my Printer list. So I attempted to add a printer and click on Network Printer and have it find it for me. It still couldn't find the printer that was connected to our router. I check on what IP address that my roommate laptop show the printer. and
  16. Wow... that really fixed the problem. I did uninstall it through the device manager in the past. However I did it once again recently and fire up Wireshark while streaming is happening. for 10 min, there a very few RST. I would say it cut down 95% of the RST happening. I just uninstall it and then restart, then the window see my wireless card and attempting to install the driver by itself and then it work perfectly. I haven't tested the online game playing but will test it soon.
  17. Yes it still Linksys. I am using the Window to manage my connection. in the past, I had a issue with Linksys program managing my wireless, That was like 5 years ago. It never find my router, that time it was a Linksys router, for some reason the program still unable to find it. So i switch it to let my Window take care of it and it instantly see my router and connect to it just fine. That the reason why I prefer to let window do it. If you feel that I should let Linksys to try to manage my wireless, I would give it a try. Ok I been reading on it. It said that I have to disable something then i
  18. How I find the info on the 2wire routers? I tried to find some information about my Wireless, however it didnt have the list for duplex. I did check the Propterties of my wireless card and couldn't find the Duplex list for my wireless card
  19. Today, I just ran a wireshark to capture anything while I am playing online game or watching a stream video and web surfing. I am not sure if it very common for ISP to do. I knew they usually do it on p2p but other stuff. For my online game, playing it for good 5 min to get good information, I got 800 RST error. Then I create a new capture and capture while I am watching youtube stuff, It shoot up 1800 RST in 3 min. Curious where those RST is coming from? could RST affecting the latency?
  20. I have this problem for a while, well more than a year. My box have Window XP and Ubuntu Karmic (9.10). Here the problem I am having. I have the same problem with my old PCI card and the current PCI card. The signal is great! however there is some form of high latency happening. It not like a high latency all the time, but it like a short burst of high latency in random time, between 10 sec to 40 sec. And it affected me greatly since I do play online game and web surfing. My PCI card is Linksys WMP54G with hi-gain antenna (the antenna is a gift from a friend). And my router/gateway is ATT 2Wir
  21. I am hoping this is possible, i have XP SP2 hook up with Linksys PCI wifi card and connected to ATT 2wire router. I was thinking if it is possible for my computer to act like a wired network? I know about the Wireless Adhoc, but the router is in the other side of the house. If wired adhoc is possible, then is it possible to get my computer hook up to a wired router to provide network to other device that need network?
  22. my wireless adapter cause a hang to my computer sometime. I am using Realtek RTL8185 54M Wireless LAN Network Adapter. When i first install the driver for my wireless, it came with the utility and installed the connection utility software along with the driver. I told window to take control of the wireless network. but no matter what, everytime i start up my window (i dual booting with my primary OS, Ubuntu) the utility software keep taking control and cause problem for some software that need network access like World of Warcraft for example. So i uninstall the utility and the driver is gone.
  23. I did the adjustment on the game setting to 75Hz and 1024x768 to match the Nvidia setting. and plus it was default on my monitor 75Hz and 1024x768. so i went to Supreme Commander to change the setting, it went fine but i need more testing to make sure it wont show up again. In wow, it already in 75Hz and 1024x768 setting, it still showing the glitch, i noticed the glitch occur when i change zones. but sometime changing zone didnt affect the glitch. And i never overclock my nvidia card. i just let it run whatever it on default. And it is already seat properly and it screwed on the case as well
  24. Hello, i am having some strange problem with my nVidia card. I already ruled out my moniter because i switch both of it and they are showing the same problem. here what it look like I tried to use Print Screen to capture what it look like, but when i load in it irfanview, it showing fine. This problem only happen in Wow and Supreme Commander game. But never had a problem with Star Wars Battlefront 2. Only way to get rid of that glitch is to Alt Tab then go back to the game, then it will go away but in sometime it glitched again, and i have to alt tab again. I have two OS in my box. Ubuntu 8.1
  25. done it and still no good. it keep stopping the download and give me the same error