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  1. Try running live updates. I just did a reload and it is on the optional menu not the express. It offers the base 1.1 plus the full 3.5 overlay for .net. use IE, it seems to work better.
  2. hmm, sounds just like the same things poor white southerners eat.
  3. A command-line interface (CLI) is a mechanism for interacting with a computer operating system or software by typing commands to perform specific tasks. This text-only interface contrasts with the use of a mouse pointer with a graphical user interface (GUI) to click on options, or menus on a text user interface (TUI) to select options.
  4. Just teasing about the color. Thet will see you coming hopefully.
  5. I use a Celeron D 2.4 everyday. Good chip so far.
  6. Glad it is working out for you Brian, but I dunno about that color. Puke green?
  7. Now that it made the critical list I'm gonna upgrade.
  8. Minor children, like other taxpayers, have a choice between claiming itemized deductions or the standard deduction. Children usually have a small amount of itemized deductions or none at all, so in most cases they claim the standard deduction. A taxpayer that isn't a dependent of any other taxpayer gets a standard deduction in a fixed amount, depending on filing status. (It's adjusted each year for inflation.) For a dependent child, the size of the standard deduction depends on how much earned income the child has (as opposed to investment income, which is considered unearned income for this
  9. I joined in 1978 I think every good liberal should own a shotgun and an assault rifle.
  10. You just jogged my memory. The same independent contractor that used to manage the Texas system took over up here.
  11. More than 200,000 Hoosiers draw benefits through a debit card. Those whose weekly deposits were supposed to be made Monday ran into a problem. "We're usually pretty prompt in our payment schedules, usually by ten or eleven o'clock in the morning, folks can go to their debit cards and receive their money," said Marc Lotter, Indiana Department of Workforce Development. It was around that time the Indiana Department of Workforce Development started getting calls from other people experiencing the same problem. An investigation found problems with communication between the state's computer network
  12. On the bright side I saw a 1GB stick for $9 at the walgreens yesterday. Last ditch on yours would be to try a format but the data's gone.
  13. Ok, It seems like someone in Milton, Queensland thinks it is important for me to have one of those this morning. Last night an Amsterdam mirror also seemed to think I needed it.
  14. I keep getting possible SQL Slammer attempts on my ZA firewall log. Would it do any good to report the origin IPs to someone?
  15. tjet

    Earth Hour

    I suggested on another forum that instead of sitting around in the dark for the hour they might head down to the store (which I am sure will not be observing it) and buy the new fluorescent bulbs to replace the incandescent ones and reduce lighting costs by 90%.
  16. Could it be a matter of picking and choosing what to do because on limited resources?
  17. tjet


    Glad to hear things are looking up for you Marty. I hope you and TT are back with us full force soon.
  18. Glad to hear you are on the mend. We buried one of my best friends New Years eve because he could not keep his health up to stay on the transplant list. Listen to your PT people and do your exercises. The first time they let me out of bed after three months of surgeries from my accident I took four nurses down with me.
  19. Why not? Are you looking for an excuse to get a new drive? I assumed that you did not leave an old machine like that all the time. The RAM BIOS startup program surveys hardware resources and needs, and assigns system resources to meet those needs. The startup program begins the startup process by reading the stored configuration information and then comparing that information to the hardware. Does that jump drive contain anything nessasary for the system to run? But to be honest every time I try to research jump drives I end up frustrated as there does not seem to be a lot of information ava
  20. Is it a matter of not being listed in the device boot list? No usb errors in device manager? Does it have anything to do with 9X no longer being supported?
  21. Yes indeed, lets talk of cigarettes and booze and bullets and cabbages and kings and sealing wax. Anything but the subject at hand.
  22. Substitute alcohol for marijauna in that statement and tell me why it is legal? So no one who's ever been involved in an accident resulting in a fatality has had marijuana in their system? No one who's been high has ever died or caused a death? NO, I have said that there has never been a death certificate issued listing cause of death as marijauna use. Change marijauna to alcohol in that statement and tell me why it's legal?
  23. My solve was to get rid of McAfee suite and do a format. I'm sorry dad, I'll never doubt you again.
  24. I have Comcast hi speed and wait 2-3 minutes for my home page call to go through. Outlook Express times out waiting for a Comcast POP3 reply. I have been on this service since 03 and have not had problems for quite awhile. I run XP / IE7 no updates available with McAfee suite + Ad Aware free anniversary edition + Spyware Blaster + MSMVP host file blockers. I have released and renewed flushed and cleaned and ran scans and this does not change the fact that every tracert times out on first ping. Comcast sends me canned replys in response to my querys. Any ideas?
  25. What is a "narcotic" drug? The first thing you should understand about the word "narcotic" is that it is used incorrectly more than it is used correctly. One good, quick way to tell whether someone actually knows anything about this subject is to listen to their use of this word. If they tell you that marijuana, cocaine, and meth are "narcotics" then count them among the vast legions of totally clueless people on this subject. The word "narcotic" comes from the Greek word "narkos", meaning sleep. Therefore, "narcotics" are drugs that induce sleep. Specifically, that means the opiates such as h