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  1. After seeing all the oldtimers, I decided to do the same. Hello to all.
  2. handplane


    Sent the PM to Liz this am.
  3. handplane


    The image was on photobucket. Sent many images this way via PMs.
  4. handplane


    Hope it works this time and is what you wanted???
  5. She's a sweetheart. Hope mom is doing ok. How are you doing?
  6. Have I been had by the PM GREMLIN? Was notified by email that a PM was sent to me. When I logged in to Besttechie no PM was there to be open. Is the PM problem still going on?
  7. Check your drain plug in the freezer. Make sure it's not block. Algae will stop the water from dripping out. I use an ice pick and some warm water to clear it.
  8. Liz, What is next, BIGFOOT?