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  1. Hmm My confessions 1. I hate typos with a passion they drive me right up the wall. 2. I live on coffee and tylenol 3. Spyware battle is getting more and more difficult everyday, I have to read like 2 to 3 hours a day just to stay with it.
  2. Closed due to inactivity.
  3. Hi paxman356 and welcome to Besttechie After looking at this log I would have to say this is clean and you have a different problem. I'm going to recommend one thing for you to try please. Step 1: Download the eScan Antivirus Toolkit Here. Save it to the Desktop, it is roughly 10MB in size. Before running the program we need to update the signature files first in Step 2. Step 2: Updating the eScan Antivirus Toolkit with the latest files: 1.) Double-click on the mwav.exe file saved to the Desktop; it will extract the program files to a new folder called Kaspersky at the root of the C:\drive. (
  4. Hi Row There's not much in here but there is a couple of things. Since its been a few days since your last response can you please send us a new hijack log if you still need our help. Catch ya later
  5. Well bud your loaded for bear Unfortunately, not my forum can't help sorry
  6. hehe 12 man i need to learn some things.
  7. Excellent and more truthful words were never spoken I still remember to this day, when i cut my foot open, my mother never rushed me to the hospital she stuck my foot in some flour to stop the bleeding. Put my sock on and sent me on my merry way. And to imagine i lived through that...
  8. Hiya Flash Just wanted to correct something that i see. I am in no way shape or form affiliated with Coyote forums. Not that, that would be a bad thing but not accurate. If i misread this i do apologize.
  9. Mmmmmmm...............cheese bread
  10. That is just insane, who would want that in there house, unless your scared of your own shadow.
  11. Hiya flash There is i find the hard way and the easy way. To create a link on this board for example, its fairly easy to do. When you find something on the net or something that you want to bring peoples attention to this is what you have to do. Go to the site and copy and paste the address from the address bar. If your in this forum, when you click on add reply, where you place your text, is where all the magic begins. See that little http:// up top in your code buttons click on that once. Now a box will open up and a little http:// will be sitting there hilighted, delete that. Take the a
  12. Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it. How do we figure out damn!!! women?
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    Man that was great how true! how true!
  14. Wow that was a great find!