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  1. Well, I guess no one found this bit of trivia as interesting as I did. Anyway, here is the answer: 1804 - Joseph-Marie Jacquard invents an automated loom which uses punched cards to reproduce complex patterns. However, I guess the very first forerunner to computer technology was the abacus, which was invented in about 3000 B.C.
  2. heard a very interesting tidbit about the origins of Computer Technology on the History Channel the other day. Now, don't google to find the answer! I would be really interested to know if techie type people readily know the answer to this question: What Industrial Revolution Era Machine was the forerunner to Computer Technology (basically, because it was the first Machine to use a form of binary code)? I'll comeback later today and give the answer. I am really curious to see how many of us techies know the answer to this question (I didn't know). Again, please don't look the answer up, as I