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  1. That's plasma TVs for you. At present I think people prefer HD LCD TVs because they require less power and still have a vivid picture. I was really envious of one guy who won a Sharp HDTV that costs $1000 at an auction at Gobid for only $200! Well I know Sharp isn't the best with HDTV technology but still it's a 32 inch HDTV for such a low cost.
  2. Nice selling price, and if the notebooks are in good condition as you seem it would undoubtedly be a good investment. I just wish you could post the pictures.
  3. The PowerShot A590IS sounds like a decent camera for such an affordable price. Those who would like to get a decent digital camera for casual photo shots would definitely enjoy this camera. I just hope it will be available at auction sites because I don't like to buy directly cameras with very few user reviews. I'll just wait over at Ebay, Bestbuy and at Gobid.