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  1. darthvader, i tried chkdsk. i had no luck getting anywhere with this.
  2. i am no longer getting the grub error. it was "error 22". now all i get is a black screen with a flashing cursor. when i check the partitions in the command window it shows the largest partition of ~297 MB as a linux file system. do you know how i can get it back to an ntfs?
  3. running vista on primary disk. decided to install freespire. bad move. it messed up the vista boot. i currently have 3 disks installed. 1 - vista with bad boot sector 2 - fresh install of vista 3 - ubuntu if i boot linux, i can see the other 2 disks and files. i have copied most of my files to other drives. if i try to boot off of disk 1 with the bad sector, it won't boot. i get a grub error. if i boot the fresh vista load i can see the other disk, but when you view it with disk manager the bad drive has blank for the file system and volume label. i have tried to use bootrec and f