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  1. The cards aren't overclocked. CPU temp is below 60 C at all times (rarely gets to 50) and usage rarely maxes. The graphics temp doesn't exceed 76C (sits around 74 under moderate load). The temps and usages are the same regardless of the number of cards or configuration (which is a bit counter intuitive). The system hadn't been cleaned before I looked at it and after cleaning it does run games a bit longer before BSODing, but only by a few extra seconds.
  2. A system I've been working on keeps getting the nvlddmkm.sys driver failure over and over while under moderate stress (ie in a game) and continues to fail and recover until it inevitably BSODs. I doubt it's a power issue as the system has a rock-solid corsair 750w PSU running 2 9800 GTs and some flavor of quad core (maybe Q6600, I can't remember). The ram is corsair xms2 and although I haven't tested it yet I've seen no evidence that makes me suspect that it's the problem. What's strange is that the machine will BSOD when both 9800s are in, whether or not they are in SLI. With one of the
  3. I've used CCleaner for a while and had no problems.